CLAS Dean's Office Student Staffers

These students are the first faces you see in our college office and are great ambassadors for us.  

Ayden Rutan

Ayden Rutan, Junior

Major: Accounting

Career goals: Pursuing a future as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), and hopefully someday becoming a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for a professional sports organization.  

Amelia Basoalto

Amelia Basoalto, Sophomore

Major: Psychology

Career goals: Counseling and social work


Annabel Gerrity, Junior

Major: Advertising and Public Relations 

Career goals: I hope to one day be working in the social media department for a professional sports team. 

Ana Fernandez

Ana Fernandez, Sophomore

Major: Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Spanish

Career goals: becoming a P.A.

Alejandro Basoalto

Alejandro Basoalto, Sophomore

Major: Information Systems

Mia portrait

Mia Ferro, Junior

Major: Marketing and Management

Career goals: To be on the event planning side of marketing. I hope to work for a company that plans and executes fun events.


Danielle Ruch

Danielle Ruch, Freshman

Major: Graphic Design

Career goals: To design logos and advertisements for companies to use and show the world.

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