CLAS Voyage

What is the CLAS Voyage?

After a year of extensive work by the college on its vision and commitments, implementation teams composed a plan to deliver on  two key college-wide priorities to bring high impact practices and multidisciplinary experiences to all students.  The college commits to support of these initiatives as essential to our contribution to the goals of the university as set forth in its plan Reach Higher 2025 and to the realization of our CLAS vision :

Through our commitment to liberal education, CLAS strives to be an inclusive and equitable community of inquiry where students, staff and faculty collaborate to pursue and create knowledge, to enact global citizenship, and to engage and support our many communities. (Jan. 2022)

The Voyage is one mechanism through which we achieve our collective vision. Through the Voyage, the College commits to an empowered educational experience where all students in all programs engage in high-impact practices as a foundation of their educational journey. Supported by the CLAS Center for Experiential Education and Community Engagement, and connected to the centers, offices and practitioners who have built robust systems, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will offer our students a relationship-rich education shaped by high-impact practices, experiential education, and multidisciplinary collaboration

CLAS Voyage slideshow (Start-Up Meeting August 25, 2022)

CLAS Voyage Start-Up Slide Deck

Open Office Hours

Monday, September 12, 2-3 p.m. in MAK B-4-243

Thursday, September 15, 11 a.m.-12 p.m. by Zoom 


Let us know you intend to attend and/or submit your question in advance.

Questions or Comments

Please let us know if you have questions or comments on the CLAS Voyage.

Answers to your questions will appear on the FAQ on this page, in the CLAS Weekly Mailing, or can be answered individually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the CLAS Voyage cover all of the CLAS Vision and Commitments?

A. While high impact practices and multidisciplinary research are deep commitments of the faculty and staff, the CLAS visioning process also brought forward other related commitments and initiatives to undergird them.  While not part of the CLAS Voyage proper, initiatives supporting student success, faculty and staff thriving, and support for our graduate programs are also important to the overall CLAS plan.

Kris Pachla, Director of the CLAS Center for Experiential  Education and Community Engagement

Kris Pachla, Director of the CLAS Center for Experiential Education and Community Engagement

The CLAS Center for Experiential Education and Community Engagement

The CLAS Center for Experiential Education Learning (CCEL) will serve as the backbone for the work of the CLAS Voyage, providing single points of contact for partners and ensuring the burden of enacting the Voyage doesn't fall solely on our faculty.


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