Message on Meeting Modality for 2023-24 AY:

On meeting modality/format for Faculty Governance Committees for the 2023-2024 academic year, ECS proposes the following. “Standing committees are encouraged to utilize whatever meeting modality best supports each committee’s work. Meeting modality should be determined each year by a vote of the committee members.”

  • The default format for ECS will be face-to-face with the option to pivot to virtual meetings as needed.
  • The default format for UAS will be face-to-face and will be live streamed. The body will determine which modality is preferred. 

The University Academic Senate and the Executive Committee of the Senate welcomes you to the Faculty Governance Website.

The site is designed to facilitate communication between faculty representatives in university-wide governance and the faculty-at-large. Use the site to see copies of the latest agendas and minutes as they are approved by the committee as well as select digitized proposals that come before governance. If you have opinions about these matters, let us know what you think.

The University Academic Senate's Vision, Mission, and Values statements and the Goals and Objectives of its Strategic Plan are available for your review.

Reports to the University Academic Senate from its standing committees, as well as the UAS Newsletter, are available. Additional information can be found on the Policies website, which is the authoritative location for policies approved by the University's Board of Trustees and Senior Leadership Team and certain other policies such as those contained in the Faculty Handbook and Student Code.

Please help us keep this site up-dated and accurate. If you have questions regarding the content of these pages, please contact the Chair or Vice Chair.

Courtney Karasinski (Communication Sciences & Disorders), Chair 2024-2025; Vice Chair 2021-2024
Anne Sergeant (School of Accounting) Vice Chair 2024-2025

Page last modified May 21, 2024