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The LGBT Resource Center’s in-person events and evening programs are currently suspended. Our staff remain available by phone and email. If you are in need of support or resources, please contact us at lgbtcenter@gvsu.edu or 616-331-2530.

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SIGN UP for First-year Queer Alliance!

First-year Queer Alliance (FQA) supports LGBTQIA+ and allied students by helping them build community, engage in shared learning on social justice topics, and develop strategies for a successful first year.

FQA students will…

  • Be able to successfully navigate GVSU’s campus and resources
  • Develop and build interpersonal skills
  • Gain awareness of the complexity of identity
  • Understand how to use an intersectional lens
  • Develop a sense of belonging to the LGBT Resource Center and GVSU

FQA meets Wednesdays at 8pm in the LGBT Resource Center, 1161 Kirkhof. 

SIGN UP for Colors of Pride: For LGBTQIA+ Students of Color

New for Fall 2019: Colors of Pride is a weekly program for LGBTQIA+ students of color. Meetings include discussions, resource sharing, community building, and peer-to peer education. Students in Colors of Pride will celebrate the unique experiences of LGBTQIA+ people of color while building community and strengthening connections to each other, the LGBT Resource Center, and the university.

As a result of Colors of Pride, participants will...

  • Develop a sense of belonging to the LGBT Resource Center and GVSU
  • Gain an awareness of campus and community resources
  • Explore both the shared experiences and diverse cultures, ethnicities, and identities of LGBTQIA+ people of color.

Colors of Pride meets on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. in the LGBT Resource Center.

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SIGN UP for Ace of Clubs: For Students on the Asexual & Aromantic Spectrums!

This is a program for all GVSU students who identify on the asexual or aromantic spectrums.

Meetings include discussion, activities, and an overall supporting community.

Ace of Clubs meets on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 9:00 p.m. in the LGBT Resource Center.


SIGN UP for T2: For Trans & Non-binary Students!

This weekly program is a place for Trans and Non-binary students, as well as anyone who is questioning or exploring their gender, to safely and freely express themselves.

Meetings include discussions, games, educational sessions and community building.

T2 meets on Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. in the LGBT Resource Center.


New for Winter 2020! Queer Grad Lounge is a monthly program that creates opportunities for networking, learning, and community-building for LGBTQIA+ and allied graduate students. Meetings include discussion, guest speakers, and knowledge sharing. Queer Grad Lounge meets on the days below at 6:30pm in the Career Center in 101B DeVos Center on Pew Campus. Food provided! Please RSVP for Queer Grad Lounge to attend and to join our email list for updates and announcements. 

Thursday, January 30th

Wednesday, February 26th

Thursday, March 26th

Wednesday, April 15th

The Milton E. Ford LGBT Resource Center is seeking LGBTQIA+ students to participate in Queer Connections mentoring program. Queer Connections is part of the Laker Connections Student Success Collective, which is dedicated to the success of all GVSU students. Queer Connections is open to all members of the university community; however, it is specifically designed to match LGBTQIA+ undergraduate students with OUT faculty, staff, or graduate students. Mentoring pairs will meet regularly over a six-month period, during which they will build connections, explore resources, and work toward collaboratively-constructed goals. 

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