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Fall Election



 Ballot (nominate here during the nomination period)


Nominations have been extended to Wed, Sept 12 at 5 PM.  Voting will open on Fri, Sept 14 at 8 AM  and will remain open for 1 week.

Fall election: CLAS Faculty Council (CFC) has 10 seats on college and university committees to fill.  The meeting times for these committees and eligibility restrictions are outlined below.  As ~60% of faculty in CLAS are already serving on committee, CFC asks those who are not currently serving on college or university committees to talk to your unit head (or chair of CFC) about the benefits of serving on one of these committees (either asking for someone to nominate or self-nominating).  The description of each committee will be on the ballot as well as posted on the CLAS Faculty Governance and Election website.


Regular faculty:

CLAS Personnel Committee (CPC): Friday, 3-5 pm

2 positions available - One-year terms Nominees must be tenured (Ineligible units: ANT, BMS, BIO, CHM, ENG, GEO, HST, MLL, MOV, MTD, SOC)

1 nominee - 3 pending

1 position available – Fall replacement Nominees must be tenured (Ineligible units: BMS, BIO, CHM, ENG, GEO, HST, MLL, MOV, SOC)

0 nominees 


CLAS Curriculum Committee (CCC): Friday, 3-5 pm

1 position available - Fall term (Ineligible units: BIO, BMS, CHM, CMB, HST, MLL, MOV, MTD, PSY, SOC, STA)

1 nominee 


Equity and Inclusion Committee (EIC): Tuesday, 9-11 am

1 position available - Winter term (Ineligible units: CHM, GEO, PSY)

5 nominees 


General Education Committee (GEC): Monday, 2:30-4:40 pm

1 position available – Three-year term (Ineligible units: none)

1 nominee 


International Education Committee (IEC): Monday, 2-4 pm

1 position available, Three-year term (Ineligible units: CLA, PSY, WRT)

2 nominees 


University Assessment Committee (UAC): Monday, 3-5 pm

4 positions available - single one and three year terms along with 2, two year terms (Ineligible unit: COM)

0 nominees – 3 pending – 5 rejected 


Committee membership


Committee roster (loaded 131Aug2018)


 If you have any questions, please contact the Chair of Faculty Council  David Kurjiaka (kurjiakd@gvsu.edu) .



More on CLAS Committees

More on University Committees (Faculty Handbook)

2018-2019 chairs

Governance Chairs are:

FC = David Kurjiaka (BMS)

CPC = Colleen Lewis (MOV)

CCC = Tamara (Tammy) Shreiner (HST)

FDC = Shannon Biros (CHM)


Bylaws for CLAS Faculty Governance 2018 

CLAS Committees--description, history of chairs, workload, usual meeting times

CLAS Standards and Criteria for Personnel Evaluation (those in use now to be loaded soon)

Outcomes of OOTB workshops

Committee Reports by Year

Older CLAS Governance reports

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