CLAS Dean's Office Staff




CLAS Dean's Office Student Staffers 

Donovan Anderson

Associate Dean for Personnel, Hiring and Planning

Jennifer Drake

Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Monica Johnstone

Director of CLAS Communications and Advancement 

Rafael Juarez-Yuen

Office Assistant

George McBane

Associate Dean for Facilities, Scheduling, Research, and Analytics

Michelle McCloud

Assistant Dean for Finance and Project Management

Tracy McLenithan

Administrative Assistant and Assistant to the Dean for the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Heidi Nicholson

CLAS Dean’s Office Assistant and Database Coordinator

Aaron Perry

Director of Lab Services

Betty Schaner

Assistant Dean for Student Academic Services and Advising

Tamara Shreiner

Associate Dean for Curriculum and Instruction

Mona Silva

Office Coordinator

Kristin Winfrey

Office Coordinator