The Robert and Mary Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center serves as a catalyst for promoting a culture of teaching excellence at Grand Valley State University.  Rooted in a liberal education tradition and informed by the scholarship of teaching and learning, we advocate innovative teaching and student-centered pedagogies.  We partner with faculty as they prepare students to contribute meaningfully to their professions and societies.

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Director's Welcome

As we look ahead to the coming academic year, I invite you to explore upcoming events such as the new faculty orientations and programs, Fall Conference on Teaching and Learning, new Faculty Learning Communities, and refreshed faculty mentoring programs. We continually strive to offer support services and learning opportunities to meet the diverse needs of Grand Valley faculty. Whether you are a new or returning faculty member, I invite to learn more about our offerings and reach out with any questions or suggestions. Know that we continue to provide individual, confidential consultations, grants for continued professional development, and collaborative opportunities for faculty to learn with and from their colleagues.

Beginning with the Fall Conference on Wednesday, August 22nd, we will share the stories of teaching and learning pursuits – the big and small ideas, successes, challenging paths, and welcomed evidence of deep student learning. We invite you to reflect on your own stories, the stories of your students, and the collective stories of Grand Valley. Stay tuned for opportunities to engage around storytelling through our website, regular newsletters and social media channels.


Join us for a special event around the topic of storytelling featuring The Moth

Wednesday. August 22nd 

8:30 am — 3 pm 

No matter the discipline, the impact of narrative on teaching and learning cannot be overstated. What stories do we have to tell? How do we tell them? How do our disciplinary and personal stories affect student learning? How are the stories of our students acknowledged? How are GVSU faculty, staff and students telling our stories of purpose, transformation, innovation, and accomplishment? This year’s Fall Conference theme was chosen with the intent of shedding light on the powerful stories we all have to tell and providing a space where we can reflect on the ways in which we use narrative in our teaching. Whether analog or digital, oral or written, the crafting of impactful stories requires intentionality, skill, and practice - hence, the focus of this event.  

Additional details including registration information can be found on the Conference site


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Timely Reads

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Teaching as storytelling: A Teaching Professor blog post that highlights the role of storytelling in learning

Courses involve multiple stories: A course design framework and tutorial captured beautifully in an introductory video

What is the first day of class about? Find inspiration and ideas on our Teaching Resources page

Digital storytelling: scholarly and practical resources for incorporating digital storytelling into your courses

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We need YOU!

Seeking facilitators for Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) this academic year (Fall or Winter). 

  • Contact David Eick, Pew FTLC Faculty Fellow, for more information.  We'd like to start advertising Fall FLCs soon!

GVSU Teaching Exhibition Call for Proposals

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Promoting a scholarly approach to teaching and learning, supporting reflection on professional practice, encouraging growth at all career stages, and rewarding innovation in teaching.

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