The Robert and Mary Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center serves as a catalyst for promoting a culture of teaching excellence at Grand Valley State University.  Rooted in a liberal education tradition and informed by the scholarship of teaching and learning, we advocate innovative teaching and student-centered pedagogies.  We partner with faculty as they prepare students to contribute meaningfully to their professions and societies.

Spring/Summer Happenings

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Deadline extended to May 31st 

Special Faculty Learning Community Opportunities

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Summer 2019 - Virtual Teaching Practices Courses  Fall 2019 - Winter 2020 - ACUE Effective Teaching Practices Courses  


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Week-Long Workshop begins June 3rd

June 3rd-June 7th

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August 21, 2019

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Quality Education Initiative

ACUE Course in Effective Teaching Practices Faculty Learning Communities

Fall 2019 — Winter 2019

Looking to level up and immerse yourself in what is known about teaching best practices and the way that students learn? The Pew FTLC is partnering with the Association of Colleges and University Educators to offer unique, comprehensive teaching-focused professional development opportunity.

The 25-module course concentrates on teaching practices organized around five units of study:

  • Designing an effective course and class
  • Establishing a productive learning environment
  • Using active learning techniques
  • Promoting higher order thinking
  • Assessing to inform instruction and promote learning


There are two cohorts for this special pilot program: one focusing on teaching introductory courses and the other on teaching graduate courses


Application Deadline Extended to May 31

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Summer Faculty Learning Communities

Summer 2019

Were you thinking about spending some time on your teaching this summer? Would you like to have curated content, access to evidence-based practices, expert guidance, structure, and some company? The Pew FTLC is pleased to offer this new Faculty Learning Community program, bringing together small cohorts of new and experienced faculty for an in-depth scholarly teaching endeavor.

The New Faculty program contains 20 modules around these broad topics:

  • Course design
  • Classroom climate
  • Active and engaging students
  • Higher order thinking
  • Assessment and grading


The Experienced Faculty program contains 22 modules:

  • All of the above topics will be covered in greater depth
  • Continuous improvement


Application Deadline Extended to May 31

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Inclusive Teaching Tips and Strategies

Inclusive teaching involves a deliberate effort by faculty to create a learning environment that attends to and supports the needs of students with a variety of backgrounds, learning interests, and abilities. Inclusive pedagogical strategies shape the dynamics in teaching-learning spaces, affect an individual's experiences in those spaces, and influence course and curriculum design. Inclusive teaching attends the range of identities in the classroom and helps all students feel equally valued.

As you think ahead to next semester, here are a few questions to consider:

  • Does your syllabus portray an inclusive and welcoming learning environment?
  • Do you have a plan for getting to know students and fostering student-student interaction? 
  • Do your instructional strategies include basic Universal Design for Learning (UDL) concepts?
  • Do you have a plan for disseminating content in multiple ways such as printed text, images, audio and video vs just lecturing from slides?
  • Will you provide students with multiple ways to express their comprehension and mastery of topics vs just assigning lengthy exams and papers?
  • How do you plan to tap into students' interests, challenge them appropriately, and motivate them to learn?

If you would like to be more inclusive in your teaching, here are a few useful resources to help you get started:

The Accessible Syllabus

Sample Inclusive Syllabus Statement

The First Days of Class

UDL Syllabus Guidelines

UDL at a Glance

UDL Quick Tips

Practical Pointers for a Culturally Responsive Classroom

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