Faculty & Staff Affinity Groups

The Division of Inclusion and Equity, with support from the Human Resources Office, is proud to empower our employee affinity groups. These groups host meaningful events, engage in mentoring, and foster community among our underrepresented and diverse faculty, staff, and student populations.

Nurturing a university culture that supports faculty, staff, and students and caring for the well-being of our community continues to be the top priority of the Division of Inclusion and Equity.  With this commitment, the I&E division is intentional about creating spaces that foster a strong sense of community, which aligns with our Reach Higher 2025 commitment to promoting educational equity, by sponsoring and supporting our Faculty & Staff Affinity (FSA) groups.

To join an affinity group or more, click on the name of the Affinity group below or contact the executive member(s) of the group listed below.

Contact Latoya Booker, [email protected], Learning & Development Program Director and I&E liaison to the FSAs for questions regarding the affinity groups.

Each FSA group is led by the leadership of devoted and passionate executive member(s) who design and host meaningful events, engage in mentoring, and foster a sense of belonging among our underrepresented faculty, staff, and student populations by:

  • Developing a community and support network that nurtures group-affiliated faculty and staff within the GVSU community.
  • Providing professional and personal support to group-affiliated faculty and staff.
  • Giving voice to the concerns of the group-affiliated faculty and staff on campus.
  • Helping to maintain a positive work environment for group-affiliated faculty and staff.
  • Advocating for and supporting the recruitment and retention of group-affiliated students.

Asian Faculty & Staff Association

  • Kin Ma, co-lead
  • Joseph VanArendonk, co-lead            
  • Megan Bravo 
  • Maha Baalbaki


Black Faculty & Staff Association

  • Takeelia Garrett, lead
  • Alisha Davis
  • Dantya Jennings
  • Michael Scantlebury
  • Jaedah Pickens

International Faculty & Friends

  • Naoki Kanaboshi, co-lead 
  • Kate Stoetzner, co-lead 
  • Akalu Tefera


Lakers Unidos Faculty & Staff Association

  • John Bender, co-lead 
  • Adrian Hall, co-lead
  • Christina Plummer

LGBT Faculty & Staff Association

  • Kyle Felker, lead
  • Aubrey Dull
  • Zach Jacobs


Native American Advisory Council 

  • Belinda Bardwell, lead

Positive Black Women

  • Raven McClinon, lead



Women’s Commission 

  • Kristen Evans, co-lead 
  • Katelyn Semelbauer, co-lead
  • Keri Becker 
  • Trista Bergerud
  • Meagan Treadway

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Page last modified March 25, 2024