Instructional Design for eLearning

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Faculty Learning Communities

The IDeL team facilitates a series of faculty learning communities focused on online and hybrid learning. These meetings take place once a month on the Allendale, Pew, and Health campuses. All faculty are invited to attend, whether they teach online and hybrid courses or not. For this semester's meeting dates and locations, see the faculty learning community page.

How Do I Get Started?

Are you interested in teaching a hybrid or an online course? To learn more about the process involved in proposing courses and being certified to teach online, please visit the Faculty Resources for Online Education page. To learn how to become an approved online or hybrid instructor, please visit the webpage for our Foundations workshop.

About IDeL

Our goal is to develop confident and competent faculty, prepared to teach in blended and fully online learning environments, who are able to integrate technology in a way that is learner-centered and pedagogically sound. learn more about IDeL

Suggested Reading

Chris Gamrat. 2/6/20. "Inclusive Teaching and Course Design." Educause Review.

"Faculty and instructional designers can employ a number of strategies to create courses and learning environments where students feel welcome and connected.."

Read "Inclusive Teaching and Course Design."

Penelope Adams Moon. 2/12/20. "Avoiding Unforced Errors in Online Courses." Inside Higher Ed.

"Working from a checklist of best practices can help medical teams care for their patients better. A similar approach might help professors (and the professionals they work with) support students better, Penelope Adams Moon writes."

Read "Avoiding Unforced Errors in Online Courses."

Ray Schroeder. 2/12/20. "Know Your Students." Inside Higher Ed.

"Far too often we begin planning a class with the content, pedagogy, technology and outcomes in mind -- without first researching the students."

Read "Know Your Students."

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