Dissemination Travel Grant


The purpose of the Faculty Dissemination Travel Grant is to support dissemination of the applicant's original research or creative effort.


All tenured and tenure-track faculty members, visiting professors, and affiliates are eligible. To qualify for a travel grant, the faculty member must actively participate in the meeting by presenting their original work, chairing a panel, serving as an officer of a professional association, or contributing as a stated participant in a formal discussion. Speaking or delivering a paper as a lecturer or visitor at another university does not qualify for use of these funds, unless the event is a meeting that includes faculty from other universities. 

Funding Deadlines


Ending Date of Travel

Open for Submission


July 1 - September 30

              May 15 


October 1 - December 31

             August 15


January 1 - March 31

          November 15


April 1 - June 30

           February 15

*Note: Incorrect unit head emails are a common hang-up in the review process. Copying and pasting your unit head's email from the GVSU People Finder is a good way to ensure the correct email is listed. 

Dissemination Travel Grant 2020-2021


Dissemination Grants 2020-2021

School Grants Awarded
CHP 28
CLAS 244
COE 31
SCB 48
University Libraries 10

Dissemination Travel Grant 2018-2019


Dissemination Grants 2018-19

School Grants Awarded
CHP 31
CLAS 253
COE 23
SCB 50
University Libraries 5

Funding Limitations

Faculty travel expenses are primarily the responsibility of the individual’s academic unit through your professional development funds. Support from the CSCE is therefore supplementary. 

• Limited to two grants per faculty member per year (7/1 – 6/30).

• For the first trip, there is a max of $600 for domestic travel and $800 for international travel (travel to Canada, with the exception of the Province of Ontario, is considered international as well as travel to Hawaii and Alaska) and for the second trip no more than $250 is permitted.

• Faculty must submit applications prior to travel. No applications submitted after travel will be approved. 

* The travel and opening/closing dates mentioned in the chart are the same every fiscal year. 

Reimbursement Requirements

All reimbursements are processed through your department. Beginning July 1, 2021, your expenses are reimbursed from your department through Concur. Your support staff will submit a request in OnBase to have your grant funds returned to the department. The Center reimburses department funds when all grant criteria are met.

Recipients of travel grants must submit a final report of up to one page long outlining the outcomes of the grant. Reimbursements will not be processed to the department without the accompanying report. Again, go to: www.gvsu.edu/csce/grants to submit your final report on your grant application.

The report should outline any significant contacts made at the meeting, new insights gained, or associations developed that may advance the faculty member’s research and creative activities or lead to leadership positions in appropriate organizations, etc. Those faculty members not submitting a report within 30 days of returning from the travel will be ineligible for future grants until this requirement has been met.

Dissemination Grant Recipients


Application Process and Activity Report

To apply for a grant and to submit your final report please go to MyApps or click:Apply Here


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