Faculty Conference Travel Grant

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, university-sponsored travel is suspended for the Fall '20 semester. This suspension applies to both domestic and international travel. 


  • Amount: $700
  • Purpose: Defrays the cost of attending teaching-related conferences, with or without presenting.
  • Eligibility: All faculty: full- or part-time. Staff not eligible 
  • Application Timing: The application periods are:
    • Jan 15, 8am - Jan 18, 8am (for travel Apr 1 - Jun 30)
    • Apr 15, 8am - Apr 18, 8am (for travel Jul 1 - Sep 30) *travel may still be suspended during this period in 2020
    • July 15, 8am - July 18, 8am (for travel Oct 1 - Dec 31)
    • Oct 15, 8am - Oct 18, 8am (for travel Jan 1 - Mar 31)
      • The travel end date determines the quarter in which you apply.)
  • Of Note:
    • Funding is limited to one trip per faculty member every other fiscal year. 
    • Funds are awarded to eligible applicants by lottery.
    • Recipients will be notified within one week of the application deadline. 

Below is a detailed explanation of the Pew FTLC Faculty Conference Travel Grant. Once you have reviewed the information below, please click on "APPLY FOR A GRANT" to begin the application process. Applications may be saved as "in progress" at any time during the application process. 

Faculty Conference Travel Grant

Faculty Conference Travel Grants are designed to help defray the costs of attending teaching-related conferences. The use of funds does not require the presentation of papers at the conference.

Up to $700 for any conference travel, domestic or international.

  • All faculty, full- or part-time, are eligible to apply.  
  • Staff not eligible.
  • Funding is limited to one trip per faculty member every other fiscal year.
  • In the event that an applicant decides not to use their award, they must notify the Pew FTLC before the start date of proposed travel if they would like to be eligible for funding the following year.

Note: While the Pew FTLC awards approximately 100+ Faculty Conference Travel Grants per fiscal year, funding is not guaranteed.  Please plan your travel accordingly.  

The Pew FTLC funds for Faculty Conference Travel Grants will be divided into four allotments to be distributed over four fiscal quarters (July-September, October-December, January-March, April-June).  Applications will be accepted between 8:00am on the 15th day of the quarter and 8:00am on the 18th day of the quarter previous to the quarter of travel.  The travel end date determines the quarter in which you apply.  

  • Apply by submitting an application in the FTLC Grants System.
  • You are welcome to begin drafting an application at any time, however, you will be unable to submit the application until the appropriate quarter has opened.
  • After careful examination of each proposal to confirm alignment with the established guidelines and approval from your unit head, and after the three-day quarterly application period has closed, grants will be awarded by lottery until funds for that quarter are depleted. Recipients will be notified within one week of the application deadline.
  • After determining grant recipients, the Pew FTLC will draw three additional applications to hold on a waitlist in the event that faculty choose not to use their award.  The waitlist applicants will be notified of their status at the beginning of the quarter and will be contacted immediately if funds become available. 

Each applicant who is awarded a Faculty Conference Travel Grant will be responsible for submitting a Final Report via the online system within 30 days of the conference end date.  The Pew FTLC will send out an automatic reminder e-mail for your convenience.  The Final Report will ask you to summarize the following (500 word limit): 

  • What tools, skills, knowledge and/or professional connections did you gain by attending the conference?
  • How will you implement what you have learned into your classroom, unit/college, and/or community?

To submit a Final Report, click on "Final Report" under "Application Details" within the FTLC Grant System.   Reimbursements will not be processed until a Final Report has been received. 

Please note: We read these reports with great interest and use them:

  • To verify that our investment in you had an impact on our students' learning and on your professional development
  • To glean ideas for new FTLC endeavors which can benefit more students and faculty
  • To improve our processes and outcomes

All expenditures associated with this grant must be submitted to your unit on a Travel and Expense Form along with original, detailed receipts. Your unit will reimburse you for your travel expenses and will send a copy of the Travel and Expense Form via OnBase to the Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center, 068 James H. Zumberge Hall (JHZ). Upon submission of your Final Report and receipt of your Travel and Expense Form, your unit will be reimbursed by the Pew FTLC.  

Contact the Pew FTLC Office at pewftlc@gvsu.edu or 616-331-3498 with questions.

Also check out our Grants Frequently Asked Questions page.

Due to limited funds, the Pew FTLC is able to support approximately half of requested Faculty Conference Travel Grants each quarter. In response to faculty feedback, we will pilot three new approaches. 

  1. First, we have diverted funds from other Pew FTLC grants in order to slightly increase the level of funding for Faculty Conference Travel Grants and support a few more faculty applicants each year.  
  2. Second, we will re-weight quarterly funding amounts to better match the historical levels of requests in each quarter.  As conference attendance appears to be highest from April to June, funds will be raised slightly for that quarter. 
  3. Finally, to give faculty more time to submit applications, we will allow three full days to apply for a Faculty Conference Travel Grant beginning at 8:00am on the application opening day and ending three days later at 8:00am.  At the conclusion of three days, the Pew FTLC will randomly select from the vetted pool of eligible applications.  We are hoping that this process will relieve some of the technological congestion that occurs on the day that applications open.