Interested in Other Juvenile Justice Resources?

A primary goal of Juvenile Justice Vision 20/20 is to educate others and share information about juvenile justice.  As the Executive Team comes across interesting and informative articles and publications, they will be included on this page.


Mental Illness in Children - Maryville Online


Evaluation of the Effects of a Mentoring Program for Youth in Foster Care on Their Criminal Justice Involvement as Young Adults

Caring for Youth with Mental Health Needs in the Juvenile Justice System: Improving Knowledge and Skills

Creating Meaningful Change in the Relationship Between Law Enforcement and Youth of Color

Spotlight on Juvenile Justice Initiatives: A State by State Survey (May 2017)

Growing Up on the Registry

Collateral Damage by Juvenile Records

Implementing Change: Addressing the Intersections of Juvenile Justice and Youth Homelessness for Young Adults

A Review of Tribal Best Practices in Substance Abuse Prevention

Tribal Youth and Substance Abuse - OJJDP

Healing Guidebook: Practical Tips & Tools for Working with Children and Youth Who have Experienced Trauma (and for the Adults Who Love Them, Too)

New Zealand's Youth Justice Transformation: Lessons for the United States


Youth in Prison Legislative Package Overview


Unjust: How the Broken Juvenile Justice and Criminal Justice Systems Fail LGBTQ Youth

Preparing to Set-Aside a Juvenile Criminal Record

Confidentiality of Youth in the Juvenile Justice System

Reducing the Collateral Consequences of a Delinquency Adjudication

Girls, Status Offenses and the Need for a Less Punitive and More Empowering Approach


Giving Girls the Supports they Need to Lead Safe and Healthy Lives

Locked Out: Improving Educational and Vocational Outcomes for Incarcerated Youth

Juvenile Records: A National Review of State Laws on Confidentiality, Sealing and Expungement


Sticker Shock:  Calculating the Full Price Tag for Youth Incarceration - December 2014 Justice Policy Institute

Juvenile Delinquency Guidelines:  Improving Court Practices in Juvenile Delinquency Cases

Public Opinion on Juvenile Justice in America - November 2014 Pew Charitable Trusts Brief




Historical Resources

To view the historical resources available, including information on addiction and an extensive female-specific library, click here.

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