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Explore past events hosted by Juvenile Justice Vision 20/20!

If were not able to attend a previous conference or event, please select the event below for more information on topics and materials.

Training Event Audience


October 2023 Webinar - The Role of the Judge in Transforming Juvenile Probation: A Toolkit for Leadership

Spring 2023 In Person Conference - Navigating the Juvenile Justice Landscape: Youth Hate Crimes, Identity-Based Bullying, and Gangs


October 2022 In Person Training - The Pandemic: Guiding Juvenile Justice Youth, Families & Practice 

June 2022 Virtual Training - A Practitioner's Guide to Reconnecting with Youth, Families, and Community in Uncertain Times


October 2021 Virtual Training - Violence, Trauma, and Resilience

June 2021 Virtual Training - Creating and Activating Hope - The Power of Choice & Girl-Centered Practice

February 2021 Virtual Training - "You Can't Do it, Yet...Michael!": The Art of Effective Strength-Based Communicating with At-Risk Youth and Family Members 


October 2020 Virtual Training - All Kids Can Succeed, No Exceptions! Instilling Hope in Youth and Families in Juvenile Justice 

August 2020 Training. - A Truly Remarkable Examination


October 2019 Training - Working With Youth & Families: A Relational Approach 

June 2019 Training - Beyond "Just Say No": Youth as Assets in Marijuana Use Prevention & Intervention

October 2018 Training - Court Involved Youth & Suicide: 10 Ways We Often Get It Wrong

June 2018 Training - Substance Abuse in Juvenile Populations

October 2017 Training - LGBTQI Youth: Queer Criminology

June 2017 Training - LGBTQI Youth: Improving Outcomes for Youth, Families and Communities

October 2016 Training - Girls and Juvenile Justice

June 2016 Training - Mental Health and Juvenile Justice

October 2015 Training - Human Trafficking

June 2015 Training - Risk/Needs Assessments, Effective Case Management

November 2014 Training - Risk/Need Assessment, Effective Case Management, and Juvenile Justice Legal Updates

May 2014 Training - Risky Online Behavior, Treatment Options for Youth who have Experienced Trauma, and Safety and Security for Juvenile Justice Professionals

August 2013 Training - Autism, Trauma Informed Care, and Juvenile Justice Legal Updates

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