Career Development Resources

A primary goal of Juvenile Justice Vision 20/20 is to educate others and share information about juvenile justice.  This webpage features various resources regarding career development.





Career Development Goals and Performance Indicators - This reference guide explains the importance of adopting an integrated model for career development, preparation and education in schools.

Curriculum Worksheet - A worksheet intended to help guide curriculum development.

Financial Aid Resources and Tips - These documents provide helpful information on how to locate and complete financial aid information.

Winning Futures, Personal Goals - A personal goals worksheet designed to help students examine their goals for the future so they can set about achieving them.

Applying Type

Applying Type - This article explains the basis of the Applying Type philosophy and how it might be useful as a self-discovery and self-evaluation tool.

Explanation of Applying Type Results - These notes are a breakdown of the different results of the Applying Type assessment and will help inform what each result means.

Calhoun Area Vocational Center

Module 1 - Goal: Exploring - There are many possible career choices available to anyone who is interested in planning their future. This module examines the jobs available in eight different interest areas. Students can identify jobs they might consider in each area. By completing the module, students will gain a better understanding of what careers are available, as well as where their interests are.

Module 2 - Goal: Expanding - The amount of education required for a job is important to look at when making an occupational choice. In this module, students can look at the jobs available from a high school diploma to an advanced college degree.

Module 3 - Goal: Expanding - In this module, students will identify sources they can use to get information useful to the careers that interest them.  They will also develop questions that will help them identify the physical, intellectual, and emotional requirements for the job.

Module 4 - Goal: Understanding - This module encourages students to identify their values, what is important to them about a job. Once they determine their physical, intellectual, and emotional values, they can measure occupations by those values to make the best career choice.

Module 5 - Goal: Narrowing - In this module, students will identify the requirements of their chosen occupation.  After determining the requirements, they will develop a favorability scale to identify occupation requirements they can further develop.

Module 6 - Goal: Narrowing - This module will examine where students stand in comparison to the physical, intellectual, and emotional requirements of their chosen careers.  By completing the module, they will know what requirements they need to improve upon.

Module 8 - Goal: Preparation - For use in developing which career route best fits each student once their desired career path has been determined.

Guidelines for Writing Performance Objectives - A guide created by the Calhoun Intermediate School District, this resource is intended to assist in the writing of performance measures.  It may also be helpful to English/Language Arts teachers as it provides worksheets and handouts that could be used to improve writing more generally.

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