A Message from The President

Welcome to Juvenile Justice Vision 20/20 (JJV20/20)! 

Juvenile Justice Vision 20/20 launched in 2010 as a grassroots, volunteer, professional organization representing collective voices of the juvenile courts and stakeholders in juvenile justice (JJ) across Michigan.  To provide a framework, share information, and offer guidance to the management of the organization, the diverse member base accepted the challenge of developing our first Strategic Plan in 2011.  Since then, there have been many updates with the most recent one being completed in 2021. This Strategic Plan functions as an action agenda, identifying our priority projects which each strategic action team works to achieve throughout the year. The Plan also assists us in the measurement of the success of our priority projects each year, and to guide necessary refinements, as needed. 

With sincere appreciation for the hard work of many committed professionals, Juvenile Justice Vision 20/20 has successfully completed several publications posted on this website.  These publications include a Core Tenets Briefing Book which discusses the foundational concepts of the juvenile courts in Michigan, and a Juvenile Court Funding Briefing Book, that helps educate the reader about the complicated funding mechanisms of the juvenile courts and the respective, court-brokered programs for youth and families.  In addition, a comprehensive document on the use of evidence-based, criminogenic risk/needs assessments within the juvenile courts in Michigan is posted on the website.  It has been utilized by several national organizations. Although the report needs some updating, it exercises academic rigor and remains extremely informative to anyone who is interested in the subject. 

Also exciting are the JJV20/20 successful efforts toward training a strong, juvenile justice workforce in Michigan. JJV20/20 has hosted two, statewide professional trainings each year from its inception.  Since 2016, the trainings have touched on critical topics in juvenile justice such as addressing youth mental health issues in JJ; meeting the female-specific needs of girls; working with LGBTQI youth and “Queer Criminology”; substance abuse issues in the juvenile populations; marijuana relating to the impact of legalization - limits and lessons learned in Colorado; and parent engagement strategies. Grand Valley State University, at the Pew Campus in downtown Grand Rapids, has graciously provided the facilities for these trainings. Trainings are crafted around respondent feedback on juvenile justice professional training surveys. We make certain the information offered is relevant to those working in the JJ field. Please watch this website for upcoming training opportunities!

Juvenile Justice Vision 20/20 is a strong, collaborative, development effort with a dedicated mission toward the improvement of juvenile justice in Michigan.  We are committed to quality JJ data to provide accurate information for funding and policy making decisions on the state and local levels, and so much more.  Weighing-in on proposed JJ legislation and partnering with other professional organizations to make JJ voice in Michigan stronger is also a critical part of our mission. 

Please give membership in JJV20/20 your serious consideration.  We would be honored to add you to the collective voice and mission of Juvenile Justice Vision 20/20!


Sincerely yours,

Sandi Metcalf, M.S., C.C.E


Metcalf, President

Page last modified September 22, 2021