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The past three years in juvenile justice has been an interesting segment of time in juvenile justice history in Michigan. Filled with legislative and policy changes that were intended to protect the rights of system-involved youth, some changes also resulted in unintended consequences that created significant, unforeseen challenges. Further, the pandemic was one of the most influential occurrences that “rocked” our world, and yet, the juvenile justice (JJ) professional community rose to the occasion to care for and service the youth who were under court jurisdiction and their families throughout that time, sometimes placing the juvenile justice professionals in potential danger. Through it all, it affirmed, juvenile justice professionals are committed to the administration of justice and to the restoration of wholeness to those served within the system. Juvenile Justice Vision 20/20 (JJV20/20) lauds and supports the great work juvenile justice professionals have done and continue to do!


In addition to the various trainings offered over the past twelve years, the JJV 20/20 Executive Team’s website subcommittee has been working on updating this website. The goal of the website is to provide juvenile justice professionals with information about not only the JJV 20/20 organization, but also, information on upcoming trainings and registration, juvenile justice research and resources, historical documents, e.g., funding, legislation, data, etc., and links to resources that are directly meaningful to juvenile justice professionals. 


Another goal of the website is to highlight juvenile justice success stories, whether they are organizational changes making a difference in the lives of JJ youth and families or success stories through which other professionals can share and/or from which they can learn. Those who work in the juvenile justice community in Michigan often share in or are witness to success stories every day, and these “events” are seldom celebrated. We want to offer an opportunity for JJ professionals to celebrate these experiences on this website so people know the fine work that is being done through Michigan’s juvenile justice professional community!  Such stories may represent hope and encouragement to others who may read them.  This feature will be online soon so please watch for it and share YOUR story!


Although the JJV 2020 website is a work in progress, we are excited to provide a varied and helpful clearinghouse of information for you.  We sincerely welcome your feedback and ideas, and we hope you find it useful.


Thank you for your interest in Juvenile Justice Vision 20/20 and in making the juvenile justice system even better in Michigan!


Sandi Metcalf, MS, ICM Fellow


Juvenile Justice Vision 20/20

Sandi Metcalf, President

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