Professional Development for Graduate Students

Graduate school is an important balance of gaining an academic skill set and networking within your field. PACES can help you succeed in both. The PACES program offers professional development opportunities for students, and helps students increase their professionalism, academic advancement, communication, engagement and success. By participating in PACES, students will be supported in developing communications, interview, stress management and debt management skills – among other critical and timely topics.

PACES workshops are voluntary and relevant to all graduate students, regardless of field of study or current employment status. Registration for workshops is free for current graduate students.

The PACES program is co-sponsored by The Graduate School and the Graduate Student Association.

Upcoming Professional Development Sessions

Most sessions will be held virtually. Please continue to check back as the schedule will continue to grow. 



Previous Professional Development Sessions

  1. Interviewing Skills  
  2. Presentation Skills 
  3. Mentorship Panel 
  4. Professional Image 
  5. Career Fair Prep
  6. Navigating the interview and onboarding process as a non-binary or trans candidate
  7. Meditation Sessions
  8. Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Practices
  9. Library Workshop Part 1
  10. Library Workshop Part 2 
  11. How to Connect with a Recruiter
  12. All Things Fellowships
  13. How to Start a Business
  14. LinkedIn Workshop
  15. How to utilize the GVSU Alumni network
  16. Career and Internship Search Process for International Students

What topics does PACES cover?

Professionalism - The professionalism section include resources concerning interviewing skills, career planning tools, salary/benefit information, and workplace attire.

Advancement - Find out more about continuing education, funding a higher degree, teaching after graduate school, and personal advancement.

Communication - The communication section contains resources regarding conflict management, employee communication, international relations, and public speaking.

Engagement - Learn about networking, cultural competency, mentoring, and social acceptance.

Success - The success section covers material about financial planning, stress management, time/organization, and maintaining relationships.

Page last modified May 8, 2024