Academic Conference Fund

For Graduate Students

Students are encouraged to review the Lakers Together website for information on GVSU's plans for maintaining a safe and healthy environment. 

You may apply for ACF funds to pay for registration for conferences held virtually. 

The purpose of the graduate academic conference fund is to provide grants to support student presentations at academic conferences by offsetting the cost of travel and attendance. Awards of up to $600.00 (up to $800.00 for international travel) will be given to those invited to present or perform at a conference/meeting.

Please allow 10 business days for grant application review.


Funding eligibility is open to all graduate students who

  • Are the primary presenter  (listed first in proof of acceptance) of research* at a professional conference, or whose creative work* is accepted for an exhibition or performance at a recognized event.
    • Should multiple students submit for the same presentation only the student named first in the proof of acceptance will be considered for funding.
    • * "Research" and "creative work" refer to that which was done as part of the student's graduate program
  • Have the written support from a faculty member who can attest to the quality of the student’s work or the academic benefit of attending the conference/meeting
  • Are in good academic standing with the University
  • Are current graduate students, or recent graduates (within two semesters) whose research was accepted for presentation prior to graduation.
  • Students may be awarded only one conference grant during their graduate academic career at GVSU. 
  • Students must apply for funding at least 14 days BEFORE the start of the conference at which they are presenting. 


Apply for the Grant


For reimbursement after the conference the student must do the following: 

  • Please review the Travel and Expense page on the Business and Finance website. 
  • All travel reimbursement requests are handled via the Workday system through the Graduate School. Please email requests for reimbursement to the Graduate School. In the email, please include your name, G-number, address to send the check, a summary of your expenses and total amount to be reimbursed. Attach scanned, LEGIBLE PDF copies of all receipts. If you have an email confirmation/receipt, please forward a PDF copy of the entire email. Do not take screenshots of just the payment sections of the email as the information needs to be validated. 
  • Meals are not a reimbursable expense unless included in the conference registration price and are part of the conference. 


Students who may have a hardship in waiting for a reimbursement may contact us prior to travel at [email protected] with an explanation of your circumstances.


If a student is unable to attend the conference, the student must inform the Graduate School at least five business days before the date of planned departure.  The student may forfeit any nonrefundable deposit and will be ineligible for reimbursement of any expenses already incurred.


ACF Winner Testimonials

I was able to participate in the American Society of Criminology's 78th Annual Conference, where I presented a paper. Truly, the experience was a formative one. The conference fund is an essential part of student scholarship and should be expanded. Thank you for the resources provided. 

- Jules Eggerding, Criminal Justice

I benefited greatly from the Academic Conference Fund. It allowed me the opportunity to attend and present my work at a national conference specific to my field. Having the ACF to support my attendance relieved some of the stress in paying for it, allowing me to focus on my presentation. 

-Olivia Martin, Public Health

The Academic Conference Fund has been an invaluable resource during my time as a graduate student. Interacting with other scholars at these events has also opened up new avenues for potential collaborations and helped me build a professional network that will be beneficial as I pursue career opportunities after graduation. 

-Obed Boateng, Higher Education

The Academic Conference Fund provided an avenue to present my research to relevant professional societies. I am very grateful for the ACF and what it has done to support my research dissemination and individual development. Grand Valley should continue supporting, and if possible, increase funding.  

-Anthony Raona, Biology

This opportunity will be invaluable for me to hone my skills in presenting my thesis research to academic audiences and to network with leading professionals in the aquatic science field. ACF's support is instrumental in making this possible, and I am confident it will significantly contribute to my professional development and future research opportunities.  

-Kate Lucas, Biology-AWRI

I attended the 2024 Sigma Tau Delta Centennial Convention and presented my paper. While there, I also attended professional development sessions. The convention atmosphere proved to be a great place to network and better understand the state of English literature pedagogy. 

-Keith Magnuson, English

The ACF's support was instrumental in allowing me to attend and present at a conference. It provided a platform to connect with professionals in my field, discuss my research, and receive constructive feedback. The ACF plays a crucial role in supporting graduate student professional development. I strongly recommend its continuation. 

-Sumaiya Benta Nasir, Engineering

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