Graduate/Post-Commencement/Alumni Opportunities

One of the categories of ‘fellowship’ (and the one people tend to think of when they think of ‘fellowships’) is focused upon opportunities students apply for in their junior year (Truman) or senior year (everything else) and then, if awarded, engage in after graduation. Depending upon the opportunity, GVSU alumni are also eligible - do reach out if you are a year or more ‘out’ from graduation and interested in pursuing a Fulbright, Peace Corps, Payne, Rangel, Pickering or other fellowship. We work often with alumni applicants. Many awards seek applicants who have significant gap experiences in leadership and service between commencement and advanced study or other form of fellowship experience. These opportunities can be life-changing! You will see some of these opportunities listed below, linked to the actual funding organization. Note that there are more opportunities available than are highlighted here.

Inter/nationally competitive fellowships for graduate study

Inter/nationally competitive internships and fellowships within federal agencies, NGOs, think tanks and businesses (the New York Times, for example)

Teaching and research abroad and in the U.S.

Service within and beyond the US

For more possibilities for service (for alumni, graduate students and undergraduates, see Roadmap to Fellowships - Frederik Meijer Office of Fellowships - Grand Valley State University (

Resources and Opportunities in the Field of Human Rights

Fellowships and Scholarships for Professional Study (Law and Engineering)

Other Resources

STEM Fellowships

Health Professions Fellowships

Health Professions Service and Volunteer Opportunities (Domestic and International)


Opportunities in the Arts







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