Scholarships are a great resource to help reduce your reliance on student loans. Grand Valley has a wide variety of scholarships available to new and returning students. To begin your scholarship search select one of the options listed below or contact the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships at [email protected], (616) 331-3234, or toll-free at (800) 748-0246.

Admissions Scholarships

Opportunities for new freshman & transfer students based on academic merit

myScholarships - GVSU Scholarships

GVSU specific opportunities for new and current students based on academic merit, financial need, major, and more

myScholarships - External Scholarship Database

Local and national opportunities for all students based on various criteria

The scholarships team is here to help you! If you would like to schedule an appointment for assistance with your scholarship search and to receive feedback on your general application, please email [email protected].

Scholarship Tips and Resources

Whether you are applying for merit scholarships, myScholarships, or outside scholarships, the scholarship process can be made easier by creating a game plan and utilizing on-campus resources. Members of our scholarship team are available to help throughout every step of the scholarship search. For specific questions, please email [email protected] For important deadline dates review our dates to remember timeline

Scholarship Resources

The Scholarship Timeline. To be considered for as many scholarships as possible, start your search at least one year in advance. The majority of scholarship deadlines will be between December and March for the upcoming year. Our scholarship timeline (see bottom of page) includes important dates for Incoming Freshmen Scholarships and myScholarships. You may consider inputting these dates into your calendar with a yearly repeat, as many of these dates remain the same every year. Start early and stay organized.

References 101.

  • Who to ask: Scholarships will often specify who they would like a letter of recommendation from, such as a professor or supervisor. If the letter does not specify, ask a teacher, professor, community member, or mentor that knows you well and can speak positively about your character. Avoid using family members.
  • How to ask: Asking in-person provides a personal touch, but it is perfectly fine to email a request for a letter of recommendation. Explain what the letter will be used for and the deadline. You may also consider indicating any specific experiences (volunteer project, research, etc.) that you would like the writer to speak on. Within myScholarships, users will indicate who they would like to list as references. The system will contact the reference via email with letter submission instructions. You should contact references to ask them to write a letter of recommendation before you list them in myScholarships. You should ask in advance; at least a month before the application deadline.
  • What to provide to letter writers:
    • A link to the description of the scholarship that you are applying for.
    • A current resume to reference your accomplishments.
    • Any specific examples you would like the writer to highlight.
    • The time frame you would like the letter submitted.
    • Always send a thank you to the letter writer after the letter is submitted.

Writing the Winning Essay. When writing scholarship essays, tell your story and highlight attributes to your character, while being certain to answer the essay prompt/question. Depending on the prompt, you may want to include information on your family background, obstacles faced, community engagement, or your life purpose and passions. The Fred Meijer Center for Writing and Michigan Authors is available by appointment and walk-in, and is a great resource to help you at any stage of your writing process.

Refining your Resume. While a resume is not required, including a resume in your general application is highly recommended. All scholarship committees are able to view a submitted resume. You can use a resume to further capture your accomplishments, academic achievements, and community involvement. The GVSU Career Center provides an extensive resume guide with examples and offers personalized resume reviews.

Email the Scholarships Team. We are here to help you! If you would like to schedule an appointment for assistance with your scholarship search and to receive feedback on your general application, please email [email protected].

Always! Scholarship donors are generous individuals who give to support the educational endeavors of students like you. Receiving a well written thank you from a student is always special and lets the donor know that their scholarship was greatly appreciated.  We encourage you to take the time to express your gratitude and remind them why students appreciate their gifts! If you are awarded a Grand Valley scholarship, an email containing a thank you survey will be sent upon notification of award. The student responses of the thank you survey are shared directly with the scholarship donors.

Be patient. Sometimes it will be months before you know you have been chosen to receive a scholarship. myScholarships awards are typically made in late spring prior to the upcoming academic year. If you are awarded a Grand Valley scholarship, you will be contacted via email. You can check the status of your applications anytime in the myScholarships system under the 'My Applications' tab.

Page last modified May 2, 2022