Presidential Research Grants

Grants for Graduate students

Presidential Research Grants are intended as a one-time award during a graduate student’s GVSU academic career.

Grant awards of up to $1,500 are available to support the research and scholarly projects of graduate students. Applicants must be degree seeking and in good academic standing. The research must be connected to completion of some aspect of the applicant’s graduate degree. Typically, these grants are intended to support research or scholarship undertaken for purposes of a thesis, dissertation, or final project. Graduate students may receive one Presidential Research Grant during completion of a degree program. Awardees are not eligible to reapply.

Academic Conference Fund

Presidential Research Grant recipients are eligible to receive a travel grant of up to $600 from the Graduate School's Academic Conference Fund to present their research as the primary presenter at a professional conference. This is in addition to the Presidential Research Grant award. More information on the Academic Conference Fund can be found here.

Samples of High Quality Proposals

Bunda, Nicholas, Biomedical Sciences. In Vitro Anti-PD-1/Anti-CTLA-4 Checkpoint Blockade in “Dirty” Mice

Lift, Mackenzie, Biology.  Can leaf vascular architecture help predict plant performance in a changing Arctic?

The Graduate School wishes to congratulate the recipients of the  Fall 2023 and Winter 2024 Presidential Research Grants.


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