The Student Ombuds is dedicated to providing a safe and private environment for students to discuss and process difficulties

Takeelia Garrett

Dear Lakers,

As the Student Ombuds, I’m here to listen to your concerns in a safe, impartial, and informal setting. During the 2020-2021 academic year, I worked directly with 198 Lakers to identify options and strategies for resolution. The Student Ombuds strives to promote fairness and foster a positive campus environment by assisting students with conflict resolution and problem-solving related to their university working, learning, or living experiences.

Contact me before a conflict for assistance sorting through a situation so that the problem can be evaluated and you can make informed choices. College life can get complicated. I'm here to help.

Takeelia Garrett, Student Ombuds

**You may now request Zoom, Skype, or phone appointments. In person are by appointment only. Please make sure to indicate what type of appointment you would like.

*The Student Ombuds office hours have changed!! In order to accommodate various schedules, the office is now open from 8:30am-6:30pm, Monday through Thursday. 4:30pm-6:30pm are by appointment only. The office will be closed on Fridays. 

Appointment/Meeting Request

The Student Ombuds can help with

  • Academic Dishonesty Concerns
  • Grade Disputes
  • Financial Concerns
  • Student Employment
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Policy/Procedure changes based on student feedback
  • And more all while you can remain anonymous  

The Student Ombuds DOES:

  • Listen impartially and provide unbiased feedback
  • Provide a private place to discuss complaints/consider options
  • Refer students to appropriate campus services and resources
  • Assist with problem-solving to minimize the escalation of conflict
  • Assist students in conflict to develop mutually acceptable outcomes
  • Encourage and empower students and to find their own solutions to problems and concerns
  • Coach students on how to have difficult conversations (non-defensive conversations)
  • Explain university policies/procedures
  • Observe any trends and share them with university administration
  • Recommend changes to policies and procedures based on trends
We Listen

The Student Ombuds empowers individuals to work through conflicts and concerns by acting as a trusted navigator and safe resource for students

We Support

The Student Ombuds seek to help individuals improve their skill and their confidence for effective conflict resolution

We Inform

The Student Ombuds may interpret and explain University policies and procedures. They may refer to formal University resources or help resolve issues between parties through informal mediation

The Student Ombuds DOES NOT:

  • Advocate for individuals/take sides
  • Offer psychological counseling
  • Keep records identifying individuals who meet with the Student Ombuds
  • Serve as an office of notice for filing a Title IX Complaint
  • Provide legal advice
  • Share personally identifiable information without permission
  • Make decisions (or change any decisions made by others)
  • Keep confidential any imminent risk of serious harm or danger as required by law
  • Conduct formal investigations or write formal investigative reports
  • Change policies or academic and administrative decisions 

Visit the International Ombudsman Association for more information.

Page last modified July 18, 2023