2020 Graduate Showcase:
Tuesday, April 14, 2020
3:30-6:00 P.M.
Charles W. Loosemore Auditorium

What is Graduate Showcase?

Graduate Showcase is an event offered by The Graduate School and Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence to highlight exceptional work done by graduate students. This event features graduate poster presentations on a wide variety of research and scholarly activities from all disciplines.

Topics suitable for poster presentation include but are not limited to: 

  • Capstone projects
  • Scholarly research
  • Internship experiences
  • Scholarly programs/initiatives
  • Graduate theses
  • Publications
  • Conference presentations


Each student is nominated by their various Graduate Program Directors to present their work at this event.


Poster Details

Graduate Showcase is a special opportunity for students to share what they have worked on throughout their time at GVSU. Participants complete 48in x 36in posters purposed to inform others about what they have completed and the implications of their work.

  • Each poster may contain graphics, text, pictures, and charts. All print should be large enough to be legible.
  • Family, friends, professors, and professionals are all encouraged to attend and learn more about GVSU graduate student scholarship.
  • For tips on poster elements and construction, explore these poster presentation guidelines.
  • Most students use PowerPoint to compile their information and poster printing can be done at the Mary Idema Pew Library in Allendale.


Copies of programs from the Graduate Showcases are available at ScholarWorks or can be requested through gradschool@gvsu.edu.

Academic Programs

"After spending over a year working on my research project, it was a powerful practice to step back and scrutinize how best to extrapolate and communicate the macro narrative I was attempting to tell. The Graduate Showcase pushed me to polish my research findings into a concise overview, which is an invaluable skill in the business world."  - Colette Cascarilla, 2016 MBA Graduate

Stay tuned to The Graduate School Facebook page for event updates and information.