Certificate Programs

Certificate Program

Graduate Program Director


Applied Behavior Analysis

Amy Matthews, Ph.D.

(616) 331-3513

Clinical Trials Management

Claudia Leiras, Ph.D.

(616) 331-5700

Computer Information Systems 

Biomedical Informatics
Database Management
Distributed Computing
Information Systems Management
Object-Oriented Technology
Software Design and Development
Software Engineering

D. Robert Adams, Ph.D.

(616) 331-3885


Online / Blended Instruction

Place-Based Education


Jason Siko, Ph.D.

Kevin Holohan, Ph.D.


(616) 331-6652

(616) 331-6229


Interprofessional Palliative and Hospice Care

Linda Buck, MSN, RN

(616) 331-7160

Public Administration

Nonprofit Leadership
Sustainability in Public and Nonprofit Organizations

Davia Downey, Ph.D.

(616) 331-6575


Graduate Tax Studies

Koleta Moore, MPA

(616) 331-7400