Teaching Award Nomination Guidelines

Nominations are submitted by Deans Offices to the Pew FTLC ([email protected]) by November 1 at 5 p.m. While each college sets its own internal process and deadline for the initial review, the Pew FTLC encourages college committees to uphold the ideals of inclusive excellence throughout the nomination process. Contact your Dean’s Office to inquire about internal deadlines for nominations and materials to be submitted to the college Dean’s Office for review.

Each college may nominate one faculty member to be considered for each Pew Teaching Excellence Award (exception: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, which nominates up to five faculty members).

Nominations are submitted electronically – there is no longer a need to submit a paper copy of nominations. In the event that a supporting item is not readily submitted via email, it can be brought to the Pew FTLC office (068 Zumberge Hall) to be made available to the members of the teaching awards review committee.

Brad Ambrose from Physics has graciously agreed to grant access to his University Outstanding Teacher Award packet for those interested in seeing a sample set of nomination materials. A GVSU login is required in order to view this file.  

Page last modified February 1, 2023