Pew Excellence Award for Teaching and Learning Enrichment

The Pew Excellence Award for Teaching and Learning Enrichment recognizes faculty who contribute to the Grand Valley Teaching Community in ways beyond classroom instruction.  Below are details about the criteria for the award as well as description of the supporting materials required for all nominees.


This award is based on one ore more of the following criteria, which are neither ranked in order of importance nor exclusive:

  • Creates materials or practices that have a lifetime outside of a particular course
  • Develops an approach that is adopted by other faculty at Grand Valley
  • Collaborates with colleagues on a significant teaching and learning initiatives

Examples of contributions include:

  • Championing a department-wide approach to teaching and learning, e.g. innovative open educational practices
  • Contributing significantly to a student success initiative
  • Leading a data analytics project related to teaching and learning
  • Creating successful exhibitions, programming, and/or communications related to teaching and learning
  • Implementing effective and responsible acquisition, curation, development, management and/or preservation of information resources that support teaching and learning
  • Fostering the discovery and use of information resources through excellence in the development or delivery of services, systems, tools, guides, instruction, or resource description
  • Building inclusive physical or virtual environments or services for teaching and learning
  • Promoting the ethical creation and use of knowledge

Supporting Materials

  1. Nomination cover sheet
  2. Three Artifacts
    • Reflective statement authored by the nominee, emphasizing reflection on the award criteria and contributions to the teaching and learning environment on campus  (1-2 pages in length)
    • Two pieces of evidence, such as publications, presentations, lesson plans, tools, guides, reports and whitepapers, project or workflow plans, open educational resources, open data sets, digital scholarship, or other documentation
  3. Two letters of support from individuals with knowledge of the nominee's abilities and commitment to the teaching and learning environment on campus (faculty, staff, or students)

Please note:  no additional materials beyond these items will be accepted

Page last modified September 1, 2022