Mid-Semester Student Feedback

The Mid-Semester Interview about Teaching, or MIT, is a mid-semester evaluation technique that provides instructors useful feedback from their students about their learning in a course. This Pew FTLC service involves a member of our staff visiting a class, interviewing students, and reporting back to the instructor. Conducted during the 4th to 9th week of the semester, the MIT takes 30 minutes of class time wherein a consultant guides a three-step feedback process. First, students are asked to respond individually to two questions:

  • What are the major strengths of this course? What is helping you learn?
  • What changes would you make in this course to assist you in learning?

Small groups of students share their answers and write their responses on the board. The consultant then facilitates a class discussion, seeking clarification and consensus. After the MIT, the consultant meets with the instructor to discuss the feedback. Sometimes referred to as a Small Group Instructional Diagnosis, this process provides timely formative feedback to the instructor and engages students in reflecting on their own learning.

Approximately two weeks after you have completed the MIT process, you will receive an e-mail from the Pew FTLC inviting you to share a reflection on your experience of the MIT, including any changes you made or intend to make as a result of the feedback you received from your students.

A MIT is best utilized by new faculty and faculty exploring a specific innovation or innovative approach to their teaching.  The MIT is not a substitute for peer observations. 

MITs are limited to one per semester for each faculty member.  Requests accommodated based on consultant availability and on a first-come, first served basis.

To request a MIT,  please complete the request form.

A sampling of research studies addressing the effectiveness of this technique:

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This check-off format makes it easy for your students to provide specific feedback; the document can easily be modified to suit your particular class. 

A mid-term reflection that asks students to think deeply about their learning. 

For an overview of ways in which you can collect informal feedback from students - at mid-semester or any other time - view this handout (PDF) from one of our workshops.

If you would like to administer a mid-semester survey through Blackboard Classic (Winter 2023 only), visit this site for instructions on creating and administering an anonymous survey.


Suggested Request Deadline

Fall 2023:  Friday, October 13, 2023

Winter 2024:  Friday, February 23, 2024

MIT Period: Week 4 through 9 of each semester

Fall 2022:  September 18—October 27, 2023

Winter 2023:  January 29—March 8, 2024

Page last modified April 11, 2024