Pew Teaching Excellence Award for Part-time Faculty

The Pew Teaching Excellence Award for Part-time Faculty was established to recognize distinguished part-time teachers from around the university.


This award is based on the following criteria, which are not ranked by order of importance, nor exclusive:

  • Uses multiple approaches in classroom/laboratory instruction and evaluation
  • Stimulates intellectual curiosity in students
  • Shows evidence of being current in field/discipline
  • Demonstrates commitment to student learning as instructor, role model, or positive influence on career development of students
  • Reflects on past teaching experience to improve current practice 


  • Nomination Cover Sheet
  • Three artifacts
    • Description of Teaching Excellence
      Statement authored by the nominee, emphasizing pedagogy and reflection on teaching experiences over time (1-2 pages in length)
    • Sample teaching material
      Carefully selected item that best represents teaching excellence. Examples include: syllabus, assignment, project guidelines, teaching tool, self-authored learning object
    • Evidence of impact on student learning
      A single item demonstrating impact on student learning. Examples include: student evaluations from a course, peer observation report, or student project sample (shared with permission)
  • Three letters of support
    • Two letters of support from faculty colleagues
    • One letter of support from a student

      Please note: no additional materials beyond these items will be accepted.

Page last modified July 5, 2017