Upcoming Sponsored Teaching and Learning Events

Listed below are the Sponsored Teaching and Learning Event Grants that are currently available for Faculty.  Once you have reviewed the information below, please click on "APPLY FOR A GRANT" to begin the application process.  Applications may be saved as "in progress" at any time during the application process. 

2019-2020 Sponsored Teaching & Learning Events

2019-2020 Sponsored Teaching and Learning Events

  • Available year round
  • Award Amount: $270 / workshop

OLC Workshops support faculty enrollment in online courses offered by the Online Learning Consortium (OLC). Courses related to digital learning and online/hybrid course design are offered throughout the year. The immersive programs are expert-developed and designed to improve quality in every facet of online education.

Grand Valley State University has an institutional level membership in the OLC and the workshops are a smart and cost effective way to support your continuing professional development. We have a limited number of seats available in the workshops which range in length from 10 days to three weeks, and provide opportunities to interact with faculty from a wide variety of institutions. The offerings are designed as online classes so that you may also experience being an online learner. Certificates are issued upon timely completion of all coursework.

Faculty who are interested in participating in OLC workshops should review the list of available topics at https://onlinelearningconsortium.org/learn/olc-new-institute-schedule/ and include the names and dates of the requested workshops in the sponsored event application.

Lilly Conference—Traverse City, MI

  • October 17—19, 2019
  • Traverse City, MI
  • Award Amount: $625—Includes funding for the essential registration fee *prepaid by the Pew FTLC ($475) and travel/meal expenses ($150)  

Lilly-Traverse City is a part of the overall Lilly Conference Series. For nearly 40 years, Lilly Conferences on College and University Teaching and Learning have provided opportunities for the presentation of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Faculty and administrators at various stags in their academic careers come from across the United States, representing nearly every discipline found in higher education. NOTE: This grant is intended to support FIRST-TIME CONFERENCE ATTENDEES. Others will be considered for registration expenses only if slots are still available. Preconference on Thursday is not included in the essential registration.

**Priority will be given to those who apply for this Sponsored Teaching and Learning Event Grant by August 12, 2019**

Visit the Lilly Conference Traverse City webpage for more information.

    Michigan OER Summit
    Delta College 
    University Center, MI

    • October 18, 2019
    • Award amount: up to $400 —includes registration and travel expenses
    • 6 slots available

    Join open education advocates and supporters for a day of networking, sharing and learning about the uses of open educational resources (OER) at their institutions. This year's event is hosted by Delta College, University Center, MI. Join our conversation at #MIOERSummit and visit MI Open Educational Resources Summit website for more information. This opportunity is open to all faculty. Application deadline: September 20, 2019.

    2019 Transforming STEM Higher Education
    Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U)
    Chicago, IL

    • November 7 — 9, 2019
    • Award Amount: up to $1500 — includes registration and travel expenses
    • 4 slots available

    The "Transforming STEM Higher Education" conference will question and examine the entire range of contemporary challenges to — and opportunities for — STEM higher education reform, including exploring contemporary approaches to teaching, broadening participation, interrogating research studies, and verifying assessment tools for determining effectiveness. In keeping with out commitment to STEM faculty, we will also explore novel approaches to professional and leadership development. Conference attendees will be invited to unveil and abate disciplinary biases, confront fixations on "fix the student" reform models, and question theories about what can and cannot count as evidence of effectiveness.

    Through this unique conference experience, together we will continue our legacy of advancing the kind of undergraduate STEM education reform that brings diverse perspectives and worldviews to bear on levers of change. In doing so, we will also guarantee our nation's capacity to use those levers to drive innovation, discovery, social change, and life choices. Ultimately, we give deeper meaning and purpose to our way of knowing, understanding, and advancing STEM higher education practice, research, and policy.

    This opportunity is open to tenure-track/tenured faculty in STEM disciplines. Application Deadline: Monday, September 23, 2019

    Visit the AAC&U Transforming STEM Conference webpage for more information.

    Educational Technology Organization of Michigan
    Grand Valley State University
    Allendale, MI

    • November 8, 2019
    • Award Amount: $80 registration fee
    • 10 slots available

    The Theme this year of the annual ETOM conference is "Active Teaching — Active Learning!" We will focus on strategies to make the teaching/learning process more dynamic and interactive — from furniture and room configuration to synchronous and online strategies. Sessions will address ways to promote active learning in both an online format as well as within the campus classroom. The keynote speaker is our very own Robert Talbert of Mathematics. Visit the ETOM website for more information. This opportunity is open to all faculty. Application deadline: October 11, 2019.

    2020 Diversity, Equity, and Student Success
    Association of American Colleges and Universities
    The Power of Collective Action
    New Orleans, LA

    • March 19 - 21, 2020
    • Award Amount: up to $1800 — includes registration and travel expenses
    • 4 slots available

    AAC&U's 2020 Diversity, Equity, and Student Success conference, The Power of Collective Action, will focus on building coalitions and breaking down institutional siloes that often have divided and isolated those seeking to build more just and equitable campuses and communities. This conference will be action-oriented and focused on practical strategies for creating institutions that reflect the diverse and equitable society we seek to create. The conference program will be expansive, including diverse voices and ideas by focusing on our interdependency and collective power to challenge the current discourse and policies that promote individualism, isolation, and hatred. These discussions will focus on the historical, social, cultural, and political contexts that continue to shape and reinforce inequities in our systems and structures. For more information about the conference, visit the AAC&U website.

    This opportunity is open to all faculty, with preference given to those currently serving on the Equity and Inclusion Committee, those who have participated in a past Inclusive Excellence Teaching Institute., and first time attendees. Application deadline: Friday, November 8, 2019.

    23rd Annual Best Teachers Summer Institute
    Wilshire Grand Hotel, West Orange, NJ (New York City area)

    • June 15-18, 2020
    • Award Amount: up to $2400 — includes registration and travel expenses
    • 4 slots available

    A three-and-a-half-day international summer institute based on Ken Bain's award-winning and best-selling book What the Best College Teachers Do and James Lang's highly lauded instant classic Small Teaching.  This year's program will also feature Eric Mazur, Harvard Physics Professor who won the prestigious Minerva Prize for his contributions to teaching and learning; Mindy Maris, a brilliant new contributor to the international dialogue on teaching and learning; and ideas from Ken Bain's book What the Best College Students Do and his forthcoming Super Courses (Princeton University Press, 2020). The program will model the ‘flipped classroom,’ approach with pre-institute reading opportunities using Perusall (developed at Harvard as the “world's only truly social e-reader”).

    This opportunity is limited to faculty holding the rank of Associate Professor or Full Professor. Application Deadline: Friday, November 15, 2019.

    Visit the 23rd Annual Best Teachers Summer Institute webpage for more information.

    Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) Annual Meeting

    Washington, DC
    Jan 22-25, 2020
    Grant Award: Up to $2000 – includes registration and travel expenses

    The theme of the 2020 AAC&U Annual Meeting is “Shaping the Future of Higher Education: An Invitation to Lead” and will showcase equitable, innovative, and cost-effective models for providing today’s students with a strong, relevant, and inclusive liberal education. Keynote presentations and concurrent sessions will highlight the development and implementation of the high-impact educational practices, inclusive pedagogies, authentic forms of assessment, and pathways to student success that are transforming student learning at two- and four-year institutions, across disciplines and majors, and across institutional types—and shaping the future of higher education.

    For those new to this conference, a full-day pre-meeting symposium, pre-meeting workshops, special topic luncheons are available for fees beyond the conference registration cost. This Sponsored Teaching and Learning Event grant has been designed to support a limited number of these optional events, depending on the interests and schedules of individual faculty. We encourage everyone to consider the “Learning to Thrive: The Invisible Skills That Foster Student Success” January 22 pre-meeting symposium.

    This opportunity is available by invitation only and the application deadline is November 15. Grand Valley State University, as a member institution, enjoys the early registration member rate as well as a team discount.

    2020 Annual Faculty Women of Color in the Academy National Conference

    Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

    • Apr 19-21, 2020
    • Grant Award: Up to $1500 – includes registration and travel expenses
    • 3 Slots Available

    The 8th annual FWCA conference offers women of color faculty, university administrators, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students a unique educational and professional opportunity to network, engage, and learn with peers from around the country. The two-day conference features prominent women of color scholars as keynote speakers, panelists, performers, and workshop facilitators. This year's speakers are Patricia Hill Collins and Rosann Santos, with performers from Angela's Pulse Performance Project leading embodied reflection and engagement throughout the event. An optional Pre-conference Academic Writing Retreat will take place April 19, 2020. Grand Valley State University is a Silver Level sponsor of the conference this year and as a result, we are pleased to offer complimentary registrations to three faculty, including a pre-conference writing retreat and all travel expenses.

    This opportunity is open to all faculty, with preference given to first-time attendees. Application deadline: DEADLINE EXTENDED to Wednesday, December 11, 2019.

    Gateway Course Experience Conference (March 22-24, 2020)

    Gateway Course Experience Conference

    Sheraton Grand Hotel, Chicago, IL

    • March 22-24, 2020
    • Grant Award: Up to $1,600- includes registration and travel expenses
    • 4 Spots Available

    The 2020 Gateway Course Experience Conference, organized by the John N. Gardener Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education is coming to Chicago! This conference focuses on student success and, more specifically, pays special attention to sharing evidence-based practices related to high risk gateway courses. The 2020 plenary speakers and session presenters are top notch. The conference website details that participants will: (a) engage in cross-functional discussions about excellence in teaching, faculty development, and curriculum redesign, (b) discover the latest promising practices, (c) explore early warning system, analytics, academic help labs, and other tools/approaches, (d) discuss pre-enrollment placement and preparation strategies, and (e) develop further understanding of the body of knowledge about gateway courses and completion.

    This opportunity is open to tenure-track and affiliate faculty who teach introductory or "gateway" courses in their departments. Application Deadline: Friday, February 14, 2020.