FTLC Advisory Committee

Faculty Handbook

Chapter 2 - Section 2.01.A.4

i. Faculty Membership: Faculty membership of the Pew FTLCAC consists of four members from CLAS, one from each of the remaining colleges, and one from the university libraries. The term of office is three years beginning at the end of the winter semester. Terms are staggered.

ii. Student Membership: One undergraduate and one graduate student selected by the Student Senate for a term of one year.

iii. Administration Membership: The Director and Faculty Fellows of the Pew FTLC ex officio, non-voting. A representative from Information Technology, ex officio, non-voting.

iv. Responsibilities: The role of the Advisory Committee is to provide advice on policy, direction and performance of the Pew FTLC, including:

a) Serve as a liaison between the Grand Valley faculty and the Pew FTLC Staff, disseminating information to faculty/units/colleges from the Pew FTLC and also providing feedback to the Pew FTLC about its programs, policies, and services.

b) Provide information about faculty development needs and advocate for professional development activities related to teaching and learning.

c) Initiate and/or respond to discussions of teaching and learning issues, referring them to appropriate bodies if necessary.

d) Every member of the FTLCAC (except for the committee chair) will serve on one of two sub-committees – either to review competitive grants teaching award nominations.

e) In the case of a vacancy, serve on a search committee for Pew FTLC Administrative Staff. 

Advisory Committee Members 2020 - 2021

Deborah Bambini, Chair, NUR, KCON

Jing Chan, PSY, CLAS

Jeffrey Daniels, University Libraries

Andrew Lantz, CHM, CLAS

David Zwart, HST, CLAS

Alisha Davis, AHS, CHP

Byron DeVries, EGR, PCEC

Shelley Schuurman, SW, CCPS

Dan Brown, ENG, CLAS

Vijay Gondhalekar, FIN, SCB

Leanne Kang, COE

Andrea Riley-Mukavetz, IRIS, COIS

Christine Rener, ex-officio, Pew FTLC

Patricia Stow Bolea, ex-officio, Pew FTLC

Kathryn Stieler, ex-officio, Pew FTLC

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