Meet the Staff


Christine Rener

  • Leadership of teaching and learning initiatives across the university
  • Workshops and consultations 
  • Supervise the Pew FTLC Staff

Christine serves as Director of the Pew FTLC and Vice Provost for Instructional Development and Innovation. As such, she works with a large number of committees, task forces, and other groups across campus to promote and support innovative teaching and learning practices. She develops and leads workshops and conferences and consults with individuals, groups and departments.

Email: [email protected]

Professional portrait of Fred Antczak

Fred Antczak

  • Faculty Learning Community facilitation
  • Special Projects

After sixteen years as Dean of Grand Valley's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Fred joins the FTLC to work on Faculty Learning Communities that involve leadership development, including the current FLC on Isabel Wilkerson's Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents. He will also work on special projects for the FTLC and for the Provost.

Patty Stow Bolea

Patty Bolea

  • Faculty Mentoring Communities
  • Pace Initiative for Connecting Mind and Health
  • Minds That Matter Series

Patty Stow Bolea has worked with the Pew FTLC as a Faculty Fellow for over 10 years. As a social work faculty member focused on supporting faculty and students, Patty has worked on several projects including the History of Inequality self-paced online course as well as the Minds That Matter Series, created in partnership with psychology faculty and aimed at providing education and strategies to faculty supporting mental health and learning differences. More recently, this same group created the Pace Initiative for Connecting Mind and Health which works to integrate health, mental health, and wellness into disciplinary coursework.  Patty also leads our Faculty Mentoring Communities Program, bringing together those who are looking for a place to connect, and give and receive guidance surrounding professional progress at GVSU.

Email: [email protected]

Portrait of Faculty Fellow David Eick

David Eick

  • Coordinator, Teaching Innovation Grant Program
  • Faculty Learning Community Facilitator: “Effective Teaching—Classic and Contemporary Thought" Series
  • Mentor, First-Year Faculty Mentoring Community
  • Mid-Semester Interviews about Teaching
  • Game-Based Learning, including Reacting to the Past
  • Teaching Innovation Cultivation

Got an idea for a Teaching Innovation Grant? Let’s talk! I will shepherd you through the process and help you make your application more competitive.

Email: [email protected]


Dana Munk

  • Equity focused classrooms and course design
  • Licensed Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) administrator
  • Individual Faculty Consults
  • Early and mid, and late-career faculty mentoring

This year, Dana will continue her work as an Inclusive Excellence Faculty Fellow. Dana plans to facilitate a learning community for late career faculty, foster equity-focused teaching conversations and initiatives, organize identity-focused learning communities and collaborate with the Division of Equity and Inclusion on professional development initiatives.

Email: [email protected]


Tom Pentecost

  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Open Education Resources
  • Evidence-based Teaching in first year courses

As a Faculty Fellow with a background in Discipline Based Education Research (DBER), Tom will provide support for faculty in the development and implementation of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning projects. This will include support during the entire process from Human Subjects review to data analysis. He will also continue to work with the Library on increasing the adoption and creation of Open Educational Resources by faculty at GVSU. Finally, he will provide support and guidance for faculty that strengthen the use of evidence-based teaching practices in the first-year courses.

Email: [email protected]

Justin Pettibone

Justin Pettibone

Justin Pettibone

  • Support for faculty working with adult learners, particularly in the LEADS format and the BAS program.
  • Facilitating a learning community to build community among LEADS faculty and share strategies for connecting with adult learners. 

Justin has been working with adult learners for over ten years. He is the former director of the Accelerated Leadership Program, which served adult students and was the precursor to the current LEADS format. He was also part of the faculty groups who planned and implemented the ALP, LEADS, and the new Bachelor of Applied Science program. If you’re working with adult students and want to discuss andragogy, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Email: [email protected]  

Portrait Matt Ruen

Matt Ruen

  • Open Educational Resources
  • Scholarly Publishing
  • Copyright
  • Library Support for Faculty

As Faculty in Residence with the Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center, Matt Ruen (University Libraries) focuses on coordinating support for faculty interested in finding, using, or creating Open Educational Resources (OER). He supports the FTLC Advisory Committee’s ongoing efforts to incentivize OER adoption, and provides professional development programming about OER, open access publishing, and copyright. Matt is particularly excited to explore the potential for innovative, high-impact teaching practices driven by the flexibility and adaptability of OER.

Email: [email protected]

Ellen Shupe

Ellen Shupe

Ellen works with faculty from across the institution interested in international education activities, including but not limited to, international virtual exchange, study abroad, and global learning in on-campus courses. She leads and curates both on-campus opportunities (consultations, workshops, resource collections, grants) and off-campus events (conferences, institutes).

Email: [email protected]


Kathryn Stieler

  • Faculty Learning Communities (FLC) Program
  • Personnel Portfolio Workshops
  • Mid-Semester Interviews about Teaching
  • Teaching Life Retreat Facilitation
  • Faculty Consultations

In 2023-24, Kathryn will facilitate a mentoring community for mid-career faculty.  She will facilitate the Personnel Portfolio Workshops in the Fall and Spring semesters for faculty preparing contract renewal, tenure and/or promotion portfolios. Kathryn will conduct Mid-Semester Interviews about Teaching for faculty who would like to gather student feedback that may influence their approach to the remainder of the semester.  Kathryn will facilitate a Winter Teaching Life Retreat for faculty who would like some time away to pause and reflect on a relevant topic of interest.  Kathryn is always available to consult with faculty on a broad range of teaching topics. 

Email: [email protected]

Portrait of Raquel Ramirez

Raquel Ramirez

  • FTLC Program Management and Special Project Support
  • New Faculty Orientation
  • FacultyBadges@GVSU
  • Sponsored Teaching and Learning Event Grants
  • Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)


Raquel Ramirez has taken on the new role of Program Manager at the Pew FTLC!  Having served as the Project Coordinator for the Center for the past six years, she will be moving into a role that allows for management of some of our bigger programs and events as well as special projects including the Aspire iChange Alliance, the Intercultural Development Inventory, FacultyBadges@GVSU, and Center data analysis.  She and Jenna, our new Pew FTLC Project Coordinator, will continue to support the Pew FTLC Faculty Fellows with their Center programming.

Email:  [email protected]

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Jenna Weatherwax

  • FTLC Project Coordination
  • Social Media, Marketing, and Promotions
  • Website content and Center activity data

Jenna Weatherwax is new to the Pew FTLC and serves as the Project Coordinator for the Center.  As such they assist with the planning, coordination, and execution of the many programs, initiatives, and services the FTLC provides. These include New Faculty Orientation, Learning Communities, Mentoring Communities, and the Pace Initiative. Additionally, she is responsible for the Center’s web content and social media presence, and she supervises the wonderful Student Colleagues in the Center. As a Double Laker, they are excited to meet and work alongside the faculty at GVSU!

Email:  [email protected]

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