Meet the Staff


Christine Rener

  • Leadership of teaching and learning initiatives across the university
  • Workshops and consultations 
  • Supervise the Pew FTLC Staff

Christine serves as Director of the Pew FTLC and Vice Provost for Instructional Development and Innovation. As such, she works with a large number of committees, task forces, and other groups across campus to promote and support innovative teaching and learning practices. She develops and leads workshops and conferences and consults with individuals, groups and departments.


Patty - Revised

Patty Bolea

  • Early career mentoring
  • Civic engagement
  • Community-based teaching and learning
  • Teaching award support 

This year Patty is looking forward to supporting Civic Engagement efforts across the university, as well as assisting first year faculty mentoring groups with thematic discussions as well as deeper orientation into GVSU support for teaching excellence.


Portrait of Faculty Fellow David Eick

David Eick

  • Grants Program
  • Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs)




Whitt Kilburn

  • Data Inquiry Lab development
  • Faculty and student mentoring related to data analysis 

As Faculty Fellow, Whitt will be working to establish the Data Inquiry Lab (DIL), a new addition to the Knowledge Market in the Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons. This project - a collaboration among the Pew FTLC, the Statistics Department, and University Libraries - supports quantitative data literacy, providing instructional and curriculum development support, faculty workshops, and online resources for faculty and students. 



Dana Munk

  • Inclusive classrooms and course design
  • Licensed Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) administrator
  • Faculty Social Identity
  • Early and mid-career faculty mentoring

This year, Dana will continue her work as an Inclusive Excellence Faculty Fellow, a position developed in collaboration with the Division of Inclusion and Equity. Dana will facilitate an Inclusive Excellence Teaching Institute, mentor new faculty, organize faculty-student Community Reading Project Book Circles, and facilitate a faculty learning community for mid-career faculty.



Tom Pentecost

  • Strong Start Initiative
  • Part-Time Faculty Support
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Tom Pentecost is new to the Pew FTLC and will serve as Faculty Fellow and Director of Part-time Faculty Support. This year, he will be leading the Strong Start Initiative, aimed at greater awareness of and adherence to best practices in teaching first-year students. Tom will be following up on recommendations made last year by Kurt Ellenberger and the Strong Start Faculty Learning Community. Tom will also be supporting part-time faculty, organizing orientation sessions, providing teaching-related consultations, and providing online resources. 



Kathryn Stieler (on sabbatical 2018-2019)

  • Grants Program
  • Personnel Portfolio Workshops
  • Design Thinking Initiative 

Kathryn will continue her work as the facilitator of the Pew FTLC grants program.  Check out the new grant opportunities and revised online system.  She will also be leading the second Fall Mini-Personnel Portfolio Workshop as well the two full workshops in June.  Finally, she will serve as the Pew FTLC liaison for the university’s Design Thinking Initiative which will include leading two Faculty Learning Communities around Design Thinking in the classroom. 



Barb Blankemeier

  • Grants Program Support
  • Teaching Award Support
  • Budgets
  • Databases 

Barb will continue her work on the development and testing of the new online grant system, along with managing the budgets and databases associated with grants, teaching awards and other FTLC activities.  Finally, she will assist in guiding faculty through the teaching award nomination process and the grant application/reimbursement processes.


Portrait of Raquel Ramirez

Raquel Ramirez

  • FTLC Program Support & Project Management
  • New Faculty Orientation
  • Social Media, Marketing, and Promotions
  • Website content and Center activity data

Raquel Ramirez is new to the Pew FTLC and serves as the Project Coordinator for the Center.  As such she assists with the planning, coordination, and execution of the many programs, initiatives, and services the FTLC provides.  These include New Faculty Orientation, Faculty Learning Communities, Mentoring Communities, FacultyBadges@GVSU, New Faculty Institute, and Fall Conference on Teaching & Learning.  Additionally, as the liaison to Institutional Marketing and University Communications, she is responsible for the Center’s web content and social media presence.  She’s excited to interact with the faculty at GVSU and eager to become a part of the community!