Adjunct Faculty Resources for Deans and Unit Heads

GVSU Adjunct Faculty

Approximately 30% of GVSU faculty are an adjunct. These employees teach roughly 50% of our courses – 68% of these courses being first-year courses. Adjunct faculty play an important role in student learning and retention – and in creating the overall culture of our university.

Supporting adjunct faculty--in terms of orientation, professional development, mentorship, adequate professional space/supplies/services, evaluation, recognition, and inclusion- is essential. Research suggests that lack of support for adjunct faculty impacts students negatively with:

  • Diminished graduation and retention
  • Decreased transfers from 2-4 yr. institutions
  • Greater  impact on early undergrads; students in intro & developmental remedial courses
  • Greater difficulty with major selection and persistence.
  • Lower GPAs

As you work toward understanding and supporting your adjunct faculty, you can start with this portrait of adjunct faculty workers and this excellent guide.  We have also compiled other resources and readings to assist you. If you need further support, please contact us a [email protected] or (616) 331-3498.


Professional Development

  • Adjunct Faculty: Engagement and Community through Professional Development

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