Faculty Conference Travel Grant 

This grant defrays the cost of attending teaching-related conferences, with or without presenting.

Webinar Facilitation Grant 

This grant is designed for faculty who facilitate a group webinar viewing and discussion on a specific teaching and learning related topic.  It is an onsite alternative to conference travel.

Faculty Learning Community Participation Grant

This grant is available to faculty interested in joining a sponsored Faculty Learning Community focused on a  topic of significance to faculty. Participants will engage in a 1-2 semester-long dialogue as well as work toward specific learning objectives and outcomes. 

Sponsored Teaching & Learning Event Grant

This grant supports faculty attendance at specific teaching and learning related workshops, institutes and conferences. 

OLC Workshop Sponsored Grant

This grant supports faculty enrollment in online courses offered by the Online Learning Consortium (OLC). Courses related to digital learning and online/hybrid course design are offered throughout the year.

Teaching Innovation Grant 

This grant is designed to support innovative projects that enhance teaching and learning.  

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Faculty Conference Travel Grant

Due to limited funds, the Pew FTLC is able to support approximately half of requested Faculty Conference Travel Grants each quarter. In response to faculty feedback, we will pilot three new approaches. 

  1. First, we have diverted funds from other Pew FTLC grants in order to slightly increase the level of funding for Faculty Conference Travel Grants and support a few more faculty applicants each year.  
  2. Second, we will re-weight quarterly funding amounts to better match the historical levels of requests in each quarter.  As conference attendance appears to be highest from April to June, funds will be raised slightly for that quarter. 
  3. Finally, to give faculty more time to submit applications, we will allow three full days to apply for a Faculty Conference Travel Grant beginning at 8:00am on the application opening day and ending three days later at 8:00am.  At the conclusion of three days, the Pew FTLC will randomly select from the vetted pool of eligible applications.  We are hoping that this process will relieve some of the technological congestion that occurs on the day that applications open.

Faculty Learning Community (formerly Teaching Circle)

Due to their similar formats, the Faculty Learning Community will replace the former Teaching Circle.  The purpose of the Faculty Learning Community is to not only foster a semester-long conversation on a given topic, but also to encourage an application of the knowledge gained.  Faculty participants will be invited to apply and submit a brief final report on their experience of the group.  The grant will cover the cost of books/materials/resources for each participant as well as light refreshments at the meetings.  For more information, please go to the Faculty Learning Community Participation Grant web page. 

Note: Faculty who are interested in facilitating a Faculty Learning Community are invited to contact David Eick, Pew FTLC Grants Coordinator, prior to the semester of proposed activity.

As always, we are open to your continued feedback and suggestions for improvement. Please see the "Send Feedback" button at the top of each grant application. If you have any questions, please contact the Pew FTLC Grant Facilitator, David Eick.

Page last modified December 18, 2018