Faculty Conference Grant

This grant provides funding to defray the registration cost of in-person or virtual teaching-related conferences only, with or without presenting. 

Faculty Learning Community Application

This grant is available to faculty interested in joining a sponsored Faculty Learning Community focused on a  topic of significance to faculty. Participants will engage in a 1-2 semester-long dialogue as well as work toward specific learning objectives and outcomes. 

Sandbox Learning Innovation Grant

This grant provides seed funding for an innovative approach to teaching, learning, or student engagement.

Sponsored Teaching & Learning Event Grant

This grant supports a limited number of teaching and learning related workshops, institutes and conferences. 

Teaching Innovation Grant 

Teaching Innovation Grants are intended to support faculty in pursuing innovative projects that enhance teaching and learning.

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Sandbox Learning Innovation Grant

Have an idea for an innovative approach to teaching, learning, or student engagement? Need a bit of seed funding? The new $500 sandbox grant offers exploratory funding to faculty for projects around:

  • New Teaching Strategies
  • Curriculum Development
  • Curriculum Redesign
  • Advising
  • Co-curricular Learning
  • Student Success
  • Student Mentoring
  • Other Innovative Idea

As always, we are open to your continued feedback and suggestions for improvement. Please see the "Send Feedback" button at the top of each grant application. Also check out our Grants FAQ page.

Page last modified January 12, 2023