Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

"Blueprint for Learning"

Laurie Richlin, in "Blueprint for Learning" (Stylus, 2006), presented the following distinction between scholarly teaching and the scholarship of teaching and learning:

Scholarly Teaching Process:

  1. Identify big questions in a course
  2. Select teaching goals
  3. Design learning objectives
  4. Consult literature
  5. Choose and use learning experiences
  6. Conduct systematic observation and assessment
  7. Document observations
  8. Analyze results
  9. Obtain peer evaluation

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning:

  1. Take results from scholarly teaching process...
  2. Identify key issues
  3. Synthesize results
  4. Place results into context of knowledge base
  5. Prepare manuscript
  6. Submit for peer review
  7. Disseminate - publish and present


Teaching Journals Directory provides a searchable, sortable list of journals that publish the scholarship of teaching and learning and address general issues of higher education.

Illinois State University hosts a site rich in information, tutorials, and additional links. 

Creating SoTL Projects is a lovely tutorial from the University of Central Florida with three sections: (a) designing and beginning, (b) implementing and managing and (c) writing and publishing 

The International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning 

The "big" professional organization for SoTL practitioners - their site features resource links, publications, and a large annual conference




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