Just Walk In

Being a part-time instructor at GVSU does not mean you are an outsider. In fact, because the university values the service and expertise of all faculty, there are many unique and free support resources available to assist part-time faculty, both professionally and personally. Feel free to just walk in...

For Teaching Support

  • Walk in to your department head and discuss your ideas; you are valued here at GVSU!
  • Walk in to IT Professional Development Opportunities to get free workshops, training, and seminars.
  • Walk into the Pew FTLC or go online to find out more about free workshops, courses and conferences.
  • Walk in to a colleague's class (with their permission of course) to observe them in action.
  • Walk in to our award-winning Writing Center for assistance with your writing projects; they offer "Faculty/Staff Fridays", Writing Retreats, and One-on-One consultations--all free of charge.
  • Walk in to one of our libraries for personal or professional materials, research help, and/or a quiet space to work.
  • Walk in to a computer lab and sign up for our Part-time Faculty Group on LinkedIn.

For Personal and Career Services

  • Walk in to Human Resources to get more information about how part-time faculty can contribute to a 403b/457b retirement fund; you can also register for free HR workshops or seminars.
  • Walk in to one of our ENCOMPASS providers--free to part-time faculty and family members: ENCOMPASS provides focused support to employees and their family members for a variety of issues that may interfere with work or life satisfaction and productivity.
  • Walk in to a parenting or elder-care support group/workshop--and/or go online for a free resource and referral.
  • Walk in to our Campus Recreation Center to energize, rejuvenate, and de-stress--another free benefit to faculty (and family members get alumni rates); learn more about our free Wellness Services here.
  • Walk in to our Parking Services to get free parking sticker--and even your special carpool or alternative fuel sticker if you qualify.
  • Walk in to one of our Work-life Connections support opportunities.
  • Walk in to our free Career Consultant, Kim Monaghan, for help with your CV, goals, and job search--or walk in to one of her many professional development workshops.

For Discounts or Fun Events

  • Walk in to any of our participating retailers for discounted goods and services.
  • Walk in to your local Verizon/AT&T/Sprint-Nextel store for your GVSU discount on your monthly bill; you can also get discounts on the purchase of a variety of software and Apple, Lenovo, and Dell products online.
  • Walk in to a GVSU lecture, performance, or other free event.
  • Walk in to a local amusement park, hotel, sporting event, or concert with your discounted tickets.
  • Walk in to any of our fun family opportunities for faculty and staff.
  • Walk in to a Grand Rapids bus shelter, flash your ID Card and ride for The Rapid for FREE.
  • Walk in to your local MEEMIC insurance agency to get your educator's discount on auto and home insurance.

Page last modified August 5, 2020