Navigating Health & Wellness

Learn how to optimize your wellness & minimize stress levels

Wellness is the active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life, and is a critical aspect of your overall wellbeing as students. There are SO many things that influence your health!

The topics below will help you to:

  • Learn how to be AWARE of your wellness
  • Provide you with strategies to OPTIMIZE your wellness
  • Equip you with resources to MANAGE and overcome difficulties

8 Dimensions of Wellness

The 8 Dimensions of Wellness is a model that will help you understand how different forms of wellness play a role in your everyday health. Watch the video below to learn more!


Wellness Resources for each dimension

Learn about Emotional Wellness here

Additional Resources:

National Institute of Health: Emotional Healthy Checklist

This checklist will provide tips on how to be your healthiest self.

University Counseling Center: Personal Concerns Self-Help

This page will help you access resources in response to various wellness-related concerns that you may be having.

Learn more about Physical Wellness here

Take some time to invest in yourself! Your physical health can easily trickle down and impact other areas of your life. Think about making good decisions: Get some exercise, be mindful of the foods you eat and make sleep a priority.

Other Resources:

Replenish - Student Food Pantry

GVSU Recreation & Wellness

Learn more about Social Wellness here

  • With over 25,000 students, Grand Valley is truly a community of people that come from diverse backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, desires, and necessities.
  • It can be intimidating - but reach out and introduce yourself to someone!
  • Remember that all college students share many of the same hobbies, goals, and interests you do.

Learn about Financial Wellness here

Finances are commonly on all your minds, so take some time to learn how to make smart decisions now and set you up for long-term security.  This includes large-scale topics like financial aid or making a daily budget.

Learn more about Intellectual Wellness here

Join a club and surround yourself with peers who share your interests!  Enhance your student skills by taking advantage of library services, tutoring, and enjoy the overall pursuit of knowledge!

Learn more about Occupational Wellness here

Occupational Wellness includes seeking out opportunities that will help you prepare for the future! Examples could be volunteering or attending a career fair.

Learn more about Spiritual Wellness here

Grand Valley has support and resources for religious and/or spiritual observances.

Other Resources:

Kaufman Interfaith Institute 

How do I optimize my Wellness?

Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep!  Life as a college student is busy with juggling everything - so take time to recharge!

The Importance of Sleep

The Science Behind Taking a Nap

get moving

Get your body moving! Physical activity has SO many benefits, spanning your physical health, attention, mood, and even your academic performance!  The best part is that there are options to incorporate movement into your daily schedule that matches your interests.

Check out GVSU Recreation & Wellness! 

Enroll in the UFit Plan at GVSU to set up a custom fitness plan

Go on an outdoor adventure

make a health plan.

For existing medical conditions...what’s your plan at GVSU to get the care you need?

Student Health Insurance 

What do I do if I am sick or have an unanticipated emergency (i.e. chipped tooth, broken bone)...where can I go?

Campus Health Center

Injury Care Clinic

What planning should I do?

  1. Email your professors ASAP!  Given the situation, you may not need to offer full disclosure. Inquire if there are opportunities to make up missed work (office hours are great to help get caught up).
  2. Identify Dr. offices/clinics ahead of time. Better to be prepared and not wondering and panicking about what to do when a situation arises!
Practice personal safety

How can I practice safety on campus? What resources are available to me?

Student Wellness

Laker Guardian is a service to have the Department of Public Safety check in on you when walking to/from class or car.

Safewalk is a program where the Department of Public Safety will accompany you when walking across campus. There are also emergency phones placed throughout campus.  They have a blue light to easily identify them. 

Sexual Assault

Drug/Alcohol Use/Abuse

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