UFit Plan

About UFit

It is important to have both a healthy mind and body. The Fitness and Wellness Services has a FREE UFit Plan for students, where they meet with a Fitness Specialists to discuss their wellness goals, current health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle status.  

  • Fitness programming from knowledgeable staff to guide your fitness journey
  • Fitness assessments and customized exercise programs
  • Equipment orientations
  • Goal development and strategies for exercise adherence
  • Incorporate nutrition and stress management strategies to help achieve your personal wellness goals. 

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Getting Started

Interested in receiving a personalized fitness program developed for you by a fitness specialist, but don't know where to start?  Follow these steps:

1.  Schedule your intake appointment. 

  • By Phone - 616-331-3659 or
  • Email - rec@gvsu.edu
  • In Person - Stop into the Fitness & Wellness Services Office D001 (located in the lower level of the Recreation Center, next to the basketball courts).  The office is open from 10a-9p Monday – Thursday, and from 10a-5p on Fridays during the Fall and Winter Semesters

2.  If possible, complete the Medical History Form prior to your appointment.  If you are unable to complete the form prior to your appointment, please arrive 15-minutes early to your scheduled intake appointment.

3.  After your intake appointment, schedule a follow-up appointment with your fitness specialist  to  review your personalized program and go over each piece of equipment and exercise to ensure you are comfortable and confident to complete them on your own.

4.  Follow-up appointments are encouraged to gauge progress, adjust goals, and modify your fitness program as you continue to improve your fitness.

UFit Participant

What's Included?

  • Initial consultation with goal setting 
  • Optional postural and movement assessment
  • Equipment orientation and exercise demonstration
  • Personalized Fitness Program
  • Follow-up appointments to gauge progress, adjust goals, and modify the fitness program as you continue to improve your fitness


One time charge of $25 for non-students

During your first appointment, you will have the option to complete a postural and movement assessment. For the most accurate results, we recommend the following prior to your test: 

  • Show up well rested, and try to avoid strenuous activity the day of or before the assessment.
    • Being overly sore, or physically exhausted may impact your postural and movement assessment.
  • If taking any medications, check with your Health Care Provider to discuss possible reactions to exercise.
  • Remember to eat a balanced breakfast/lunch the day of the test 
  • Wear comfortable clothing that will not restrict your movement 

UFit Plan is FREE for students!