Navigating Your Wellness at GVSU


We acknowledge your life as a student. We understand the stresses and challenges, and we know that you're not alone. Knowing that and caring about your individual well-being and your experience as a student, we invite you to prioritize yourself and your well-being. 

What does that mean, exactly? 
Wellness is a life-long journey; "a conscious, self-directed, and evolving process of achieving full potential" (National Wellness Institute). According to the World Health Organization, wellness is "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or illness." As a college student, it is especially important to take care of yourself. Many of the habits you form in college may stick with you, so it’s important to build healthy habits now. Understanding the 8 dimensions of wellness can help guide your personal wellbeing during your college experience. 

What are these dimensions we're talking about?
Recreation & Wellness is here to support you on your journey to health and well-being. A model was created that identifies 8 key dimensions of wellness.

8 Dimensions of Wellness

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Image of student wellness model (8 dimensions of wellness). Emotional, Spiritual, Social, Occupational, Financial, Physical, Environmental, Intellectual

8 Dimensions of Wellness

Student Wellness Model

Learning about the 8 Dimensions of Wellness can help you choose how to make wellness a part of your everyday life. Use this model and the university resources available to help you on your journey to wellbeing.

Learn more through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Emotional dimension of wellness

Emotional Wellness involves expressing your feelings, adjusting to challenges, coping with the stress that life brings, and enjoying your life.

Environmental dimension of wellness

Environmental Wellness involves feeling safe and being able to be safe in your current environment.  This includes spending time and having access to places that support your wellbeing like being outdoors in nature or going to class in a positive learning environment where you feel accepted and welcomed.

Financial dimension of wellness

Financial Wellness includes things like your income, savings, and expenses as well as how you understand your financial situation and resources.

Intellectual dimension of wellness

Intellectual Wellness includes your educational journey through life including formal classroom learning as well as your hobbies or interests (students orgs, art, reading, learning a new sport, etc.) where you take part in discussions or conversations that you find interesting with others.

Occupational dimension of wellness

Occupational Wellness is your involvement in activities like volunteering, employment, or career preparation.  It also includes your balance between these things and the time you have for things you enjoy like friends, exercising, or whatever you do to relax.

Physical dimension of wellness

Physical Wellness is about having a healthy body from engaging in regular physical activity, sleep, eating nutritious foods, drinking responsibly, and routinely visiting your health care providers for regular check-ups.

Social dimension of wellness

Social Wellness is about maintaining healthy relationships with your friends, family, and community.  It includes how you spend time in community with others, your social life, and meeting new people.

Spiritual dimension of wellness

Spiritual Wellness is about understanding your own values and beliefs and taking time to deepen your spirituality (perhaps by learning about other religions, using your beliefs to guide your decisions, or finding a peaceful place to reflect).

Promoting Student Wellness

"Collegiate recreation plays a key role in integrating health and wellbeing within the campus culture." Plus, there's "credible evidence to support the impact of collegiate recreation on student recruitment, retention, health, and wellbeing, as well as student learning outcomes and post-graduation employment success."  

Our focus on student wellbeing continues to be an important part of Recreation & Wellness' mission. We're looking forward to connecting students with valuable resources, helping students navigate all aspects of wellbeing, and continuing to enhance the student experience at GVSU.

Learn more about Recreation & Wellness' impact on health & wellbeing through NIRSA.


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