Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual Wellness includes exercising your mind like you exercise your body. It can be your educational journey through life including formal classroom learning as well as your hobbies or interests (students orgs, art, reading, learning a new sport, etc.) where you take part in discussions or conversations that you find interesting with others.

Be Intellectually Well

Participate in Cultural Events

  • Both campus and the Grand Rapids area are full of events that provide new, unique experiences from various cultures and backgrounds. Wander around Grand Rapids during ArtPrize, appreciate the symphony at DeVos Performance Hall, or attend a performance by the GVSU Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance. 


  • An important step in achieving intellectual wellness is getting academic help when you need it. The Tutoring Center on campus is here for you to become a self-directed, independent learner by helping you to understand content that may be difficult through practice and study techniques.

Learn a New Skill

  • Challenge your mind by learning to do something you’ve never done before. The possibilities are nearly endless, so once you’ve mastered one skill, you can start on another! Try a new sport, cooking, pottery, swimming, singing, dancing, musical instrument, gardening, drawing, writing, painting.


On Campus

Visit the Student Academic Success Center

  • Receive academic coaching to help you achieve your educational goals
  • Participate in Student Success Programs to expand your support network
  • Find resources to help improve your academic skills, whether it be for specific subjects or for learning in general

Visit the Tutoring Center

  • Request a tutor to meet with weekly for help in specific classes
  • Drop-in tutoring available for a variety of subjects
  • Get help with study strategies and exam review

Visit the Writing Center

  • Schedule an appointment or stop by during drop-in hours to improve your writing skills with the help of peer consultants
  • Receive help with any writing project, regardless of what stage it is at
  • Find useful writing resources and handouts

Off Campus

Find a Trivia Night

  • Find local trivia competitions around Grand Rapids to showcase your knowledge of specific topics
  • Get a group of friends together or participate individually
  • Enjoy good food while challenging your mind

Check out  Science on T ap

  • Each month, an expert will host a discussion at the SpeakEZ Lounge about various scientific topics
  • Learn about things such as climate change, diseases, ecology, and much more
  • Connect with peers and other people of the community through conversation and debate

Discover events through West Michigan Arts, Culture, and Entertainment

  • Find festivals and other cultural events to experience locally
  • Explore opportunities offered in different counties of West Michigan
  • Connect with the community through arts and culture


Check out  Partners in Action Against Racism

  • Utilize these resources provided by GVSU's Division of Inclusion and Equity to help create more supportive environments. Included are reading materials, videos, podcasts, and ways to provide support.

Manage your classwork with myHomework

  • Stay organized by using this student planner app
  • Get reminders for upcoming assignment due dates
  • Track your homework, projects, tests, and other schoolwork for your classes

Stay on track with Focus Booster

  • Use this program to help you improve your time management skills
  • Set blocks of time for staying focused on work while taking breaks in between
  • Track your progress and understand how to use your time more efficiently

Check out Coursea

  • Stream video lectures from expert instructors to improve your skills in a variety of subjects, such as business or computer science
  • Take free courses from some of the top universities
  • Self-paced learning opportunities