Make Your Mark As a Laker

Take charge of your journey, set goals and stay on track

You came here to get a degree, but like most of us, you will find yourself asking: “Why am I here at GVSU? and "What do I want to accomplish?”.  This can be challenging to answer, but the Student Success Network is here to support you in finding your own unique path here at Grand Valley!

The topics here will assist you in:

  • Determining the factors that affect decision making
  • Creating goals, both personal and academic
  • Exploring future opportunities
  • Approaching challenging obstacles

How do I take charge of my journey?

Develop your Locus of Control! Figuring out what factors you can and can not control will help foster effective decision-making! Research has shown that developing a strong internal locus of control— the feeling that you control your own destiny — will help you be less stressed.

video about locus of control

Learn about your Locus of Control by taking this self assessment!

Internal Locus of Control Self-Assessment

How do I set goals?

​​​​There are some tricks to setting goals to make sure you aren’t overshooting or striving for something without a measurable outcome (think of running a race without knowing how far you have to go until you reach the finish line). Explore the resources below to help define your own unique goals!

How do I stay on track?

Everyone feels adrift at some point in college, wondering what direction to head in. Be sure to talk with your advisor, faculty partner, peers, and professors in your classes. You are not alone!

Success Coaching

Coaches help students create plans for success, set goals, and more.

Academic Blueprint

Interactive timeline that includes important steps for success.

Exploratory Advising

Explore majors that align with your interests.

The Tutoring Center

Why you should make an appointment with The Tutoring Center: 

  1. Get help understanding difficult content in your current courses 
  2. Ask questions to clarify your assignments
  3. Receive extra practice problems to help you understand concepts 
  4. Learn new study techniques


Click here to learn more about what the The Tutoring Center at GVSU has to offer

Digital Tools

Check out these apps that will assist you in keeping track of assignments, taking notes, and studying!

Microsoft To Do




Google Tasks

MyHomework App 

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