You are a Laker!

Developing Laker Connections Leads to Your Success

Being a successful Laker means connecting with the University and all that it has to offer and recognizing that you belong here. The Student Success Network (SSN) is here to help first-year students find the resources they need to be successful. Using your Laker network is the first step to navigating this new environment. At GVSU, our Student Success Network (SSN) faculty partners provide a wonderful support system to our first-year community.

The topics below will help you:

  • Utilize the GVSU Tutoring Center
  • Learn how to build your network as a new Laker
  • Access your Student Success Network (SSN) Faculty Partners
  • Understand the expectations of an inclusive and equitable campus

Build Your Laker Network

A sense of belonging does not happen without some effort on your part. Sometimes you need to do uncomfortable things, and it can be a challenge to think in ways that help you to discover where you belong. Attending events through GVSU is an excellent way to meet new people and build your support system. 

Office of Student Life 

Getting involved on campus is a great way to connect with peers and experience new ideas and activities!

GVSU Career Center

The Career Center has an endless number of resources available to help you navigate your path to success!

Connecting With Your Student Success Network (SSN) Faculty Partner

Many faculty members from across campus have committed to ensuring students have a productive first year by serving as Faculty Partners through the Student Success Network (SSN).

Grand Valley has copious resources to help you excel and keep you well. Knowing them all takes time. Just reach out to your faculty partner, and they can direct you to the right people or answer any questions/concerns you may have.

Your part of the partnership is easy:

  • Keep an eye open for emails from your partner once they connect with you in August
  • They will send helpful information and updates every two weeks

Helpful Resources

Adjusting to college comes with many new and different feelings. Check out the link below for some helpful information about expectations, how to connect, and common thoughts and feelings of first-year students.

Adjusting to College

Believing in yourself and your abilities requires self-compassion. Find ways to practice mindfulness and learn important tips on how to support your well-being in college.


Self-help applications are a great way to navigate the many thoughts, feelings, and worries you may be experiencing during your transition and throughout your first year at GVSU. The resource below lists a diverse set of apps that can be helpful resources in practicing mindfulness.

Self-Help Applications

The University Counseling Center is a resource that your student tuition helps to support. Why not take advantage of it? This page can help you with much more than setting up an appointment with a counselor. For example, you can learn several facts and strategies to improve your emotional health and well-being.

University Counseling Center

Develop Skills For Believing in Yourself

Video about responsibility

Self-Efficacy & Self-Advocacy

This video highlights action steps such as planning, balancing your workload, organizing, and seeking help.

Video about anxiety and depression

Sense of Belonging

This video suggests ways to cope with anxiety and depression.

Expectations for Inclusion and Equity for ALL Students

The college years allow students to spend valuable time exploring and obtaining a deeper understanding of their identities and how they may be similar to and different from others. We each have a social identity, and being part of the Laker community is understanding our role in creating a welcoming campus.

Laker Resources  

GVSU is an Inclusive Community

During your time of identity exploration at GVSU, we want you to know that there are resources on campus to assist in this process. Check out some of these resources below!

Page last modified September 2, 2023