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Despite recent changes made necessary by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office for Title IX & Institutional Equity is still available to assist you.  Our technological capabilities allow everyone on our team to work seamlessly from remote locations.  Your emails and calls will be answered in a timely manner, and our team is committed to meeting your needs.  During this period, we will continue to lead with our values of integrity, respect, critical thinking, and courage.

You can reach us by phone at 616-331-9530 or by email at, during business hours.  If you would like to schedule a phone/video call with Theresa Rowland, Title IX Coordinator, or Michael Szydlowski, Deputy Title IX Coordinator, please reach out directly for assistance.

►Reports can be submitted online anytime at

Read our letter to the campus community regarding Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment in Online Learning and Virtual Environments:

Reporting Sexual Misconduct & Sexual/Gender-Based Harassment

The University urges anyone who becomes aware of an incident of sexual misconduct or sexual or gender-based harassment to report the incident immediately online at or by contacting Theresa Rowland or Michael Szydlowski.

Click here for more information about reporting to the University.

► Sexual misconduct is any conduct that is considered sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking and sexual exploitation as defined by university policy. 

► Sexual harassment is unwelcome sexual, sex-based, request for sexual favors whether verbal, written, graphic, physical or otherwise, or other unwanted conduct of a sexual nature, and involves quid pro quo and/or creates a hostile environment as defined by university policy.

► Gender-based harassment includes harassment based on gender, sexual orientation, transgender, gender non-conforming, transitioning, gender identity, or gender expression, that involves quid pro quo and/or creates a hostile environment as defined by university policy.  This may include acts of aggression, intimidation, or hostility, whether verbal or non-verbal, graphic, physical, or otherwise, even if the acts do not involve conduct of a sexual nature.

Office for Title IX & Institutional Equity

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Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 requires that all entities receiving federal funds or financial assistance prohibit sex based discrimination and sexual misconduct in their education programs and activities. 

Title IX states no person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any GVSU educational programming or activity. 

  • Title IX protects any person from sex-based discrimination, regardless of their real or perceived sex, gender identity, and/or gender expression. 
  • Female, male and gender non-conforming students, faculty and staff are protected from any sex-based discrimination, harassment or violence. 

As adopted by the Board of Trustees, Grand Valley State University is committed to inclusion and equity, and strives to establish a climate that welcomes and affirms the contributions of all students and employees. The University is guided by values for inclusiveness and community which are integral to our mission to educate students to shape their lives, their professions, and their societies, and to enrich the community through excellent teaching, active scholarship, and public service. The University strives to provide all members of its community an inclusive environment and equitable opportunities for success.

The University is also committed to maintaining a climate conducive to an educational, living, and employment environment that is free from unlawful acts of harassment and discrimination, as well as those defined by this policy. All members of the community are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not infringe upon the rights of others. It is neither the purpose nor intent of this policy to infringe on the First Amendment or academic freedom as defined by the University.

The University is an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution, consistent with its obligations as a federal contractor. It encourages diversity and provides equal opportunity in education, employment, all of its programs, and the use of its facilities. It is committed to protecting the constitutional and statutory civil rights of persons connected with the University.

Members of the University community, including students, employees, faculty, staff, administrators, Board members, consultants, vendors, others engaged to do business with the University, candidates for employment or admissions, and visitors or guests have the right to be free from acts of harassment and discrimination, including sexual misconduct, as defined by this policy. In accordance with applicable federal and state law and this policy, acts of discrimination or harassment by members of the campus community are prohibited if they discriminate or harass on the basis of age, color, disability, familial status, height, marital status, national origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sex/gender (including gender identity and expression), sexual orientation, veteran or active duty military status or weight. This includes inappropriate limitation of, access to, or participation in educational, employment, athletic, social, cultural, or other university programs and activities. The University will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities. Limitations are lawful if they are: directly related to a legitimate university purpose, required by law, or lawfully required by a grant or contract between the university and the state or federal government. For the purposes of this policy, sex-/gender-based harassment includes sexual misconduct, sexual assault, interpersonal or relationship violence, and stalking