Social Wellness

Social Wellness

Social Wellness is about maintaining healthy relationships with your friends, family, and community.  It includes how you spend time in community with others, your social life, and meeting new people.

Be Socially Well

Meet New People

  • College is a wonderful time to meet people from different backgrounds than you, but it can be hard to know where to start! Join a group focused on your favorite hobby like reading, hiking, gaming, or playing music. Or, invite your neighbor to an event on campus.
  • Club Sports Leadership Summit Scavenger Hunt Form

Stay Connected to Home

  • Homesickness is a normal experience for many college students. And, while it’s important to meet new people and get involved on campus, it can also be helpful to stay connected to family and friends back home. So if you’re missing them, stay connected and give them a call - tell them about new experiences you have been having.


  • A great way to get involved on campus or in the community is to Volunteer. You can volunteer based on your interests. Local non-profits, schools, libraries and places of worship often need volunteers for special events or even day to day operations. Even giving back in simple ways can improve your overall health and happiness.


On Campus

Get involved with Student Life

  • Join clubs and organizations 
  • Make new friends with similar interests
  • Collaborate with others to engage with the community

Check out the Community Service Learning Center

  • Become active citizens and give back to your community
  • Meet new people to volunteer with
  • Serve others to help make the world a better place

Visit Kirkhof Center

  • A great place to collaborate with other students to study or hang out
  • Play games such as pool, Foosball, Xbox, and PlayStation
  • Watch movies in the Big Screen Theater

Off Campus

Get involved with the Young Leaders Society

  • Help organize events, such as social gatherings, volunteer events, and professional development opportunities
  • Interact with other people around West Michigan
  • Improve the community

Explore West Michigan Events

  • Find upcoming opportunities to connect with other people in the community
  • Explore events around West Michigan
  • Experience local festivals with friends and family

Check out opportunities for Community Involvement

  • Find an abundance of volunteer opportunities around West Michigan
  • Work with your community to make things better
  • Connect with nonprofits and other volunteer organizations


Use the Social Wellness Checklist  to build friendships

  • Find tips on how to improve social connections
  • See examples of easy ways to implement each of the strategies
  • Learn about the importance of building support systems

Utilize the Support System Worksheet

  • Use this as a tool to identify the people who support you
  • Think about potential problems and analyze ways your support system can help you
  •  Learn how to build your support network

Download the Houseparty  app

  • Video chat with your friends and family
  • Play games together (such as Heads Up!, Quick Draw!, and Trivia) with live video and chat options
  • Chat with up to eight people at the same time