The Facts about Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness involves expressing your feelings, adjusting to challenges, coping with the stress that life brings, and enjoying your life.

Be Emotionally Well

Signs of Emotional Wellness and Mental Health

  • Having the ability to talk with someone about your emotional concerns and share your feelings with others
  • Saying "no" when you need to without feeling guilty
  • Feeling content most of the time
  • Feeling you have a strong support network i.e. people in your life that care about you
  • Being able to relax
  • Feeling good about who you are
  • Develop a positive mindset by giving yourself a break, remembering your good deeds, spending time with friends and forgiving yourself.


On Campus

Mental Health and Well-being Index

This online resource serves as a toolbox to assist anyone in the eight dimensions of wellness: emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, physical, occupational, social, and spiritual.


University Counseling Center

  • Find self-help resources covering a variety of topics pertaining to mental and emotional health
  • Schedule an appointment to talk with a counselor 
  • Participate in the Weekly Wellness Series, which covers topics including mindfulness, wellness, and art therapy




Mindfulness and Kindness

  • Send Kindness Cards to other people (available to print or send virtually)
  • Participate in Emotional Strength Training
  • Learn how to use mindfulness to manage your emotions


Off Campus

The University Counseling Center has a wonderful index of community providers. You can filter by insurances, services and specialties.


Mental Health and Wellness Toolkit

  • Includes strategies to improve your mental health and wellness 
  • Contains information on techniques such as breathing, mindfulness, and gratitude
  • Provides a variety of helpful resources you can find from GVSU, the community, websites, apps, and books


Koru Mindfulness

  • Stream free guided meditations to help with relaxation and mindfulness 
  • Watch tutorial videos about breathing techniques to help with anxiety
  • Read their blog for more tips and strategies for emotional wellness 



  • Find mindfulness exercises, techniques, and activities that you can do anywhere
  • Complete worksheets that focus on topics such as self compassion
  • Try a variety of techniques to see which method works best for you