Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness is about understanding your own values and beliefs and taking time to deepen your spirituality (perhaps by learning about other religions, using your beliefs to guide your decisions, or finding a peaceful place to reflect). Spiritual wellness often explores living life with meaning and purpose.

Be Spiritually Well

Explore your Spiritual Core

  • College offers you a time to explore who you are as a person. That means asking: Who am I? What is my purpose? What do I value most? Let this exploration lead you to learn more about yourself and help you feel happy and fulfilled.

Spend Time Alone

  • The best way to get to know yourself? Spend time alone. Whether you take time to get outside, or exercise, or nap, or meditate, being by yourself regularly allows you to become comfortable in your own skin and with your own values and beliefs.

See and Appreciate Uniqueness

  • You may meet people on campus with different values and beliefs from your own, but that doesn’t mean there is right or wrong. A spiritually well person can be themselves and allow those around them to be themselves, too. By taking opportunities to understand those around you, you can grow in your own spiritual wellness.


On Campus

Check out Campus Interfaith Resources

  • Connect with other students from different backgrounds to grow spiritually
  • Learn how to live in a religiously diverse world
  • Improve your religious literacy 

Visit the Interfaith Reflection Rooms

  • Find quiet spaces for prayer, reflection, or meditation
  • Safely practice your faith/non-faith traditions
  • Respect others from different faiths

Get involved with Student Life

  • Find organizations you share values with
  • Discover what you're passionate about
  • Connect with other people from different backgrounds

Off Campus

Practice Yoga

  • Find a yoga studio near you in West Michigan
  • Practice mindfulness and meditation
  • Find studios that are the best fit for you based on level of experience or programs offered

Check out the Wellness Collective of Grand Rapids

  • Attend classes and workshops that focus on spirituality along with other areas of wellness
  • Participate in yoga
  • Practice guided meditation

Check out the Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness

  • Attend a variety of workshops on topics such as self-compassion, mindfulness for beginners, and mindful eating
  • Find mindfulness programs related to areas like stress reduction, building resilience and happiness, and self-kindness
  • Listen to internationally-known speakers about specific topics


Download The Mindfulness App

  • Practice meditation
  • Use guided and silent timed sessions 
  • Learn how to be more present

Check out Grateful: A Gratitude Journal

  • Focus on your blessings
  • Use prompts to guide your writing
  • View your timeline to see past journal entries 

Learn about Spirituality and Health

  • Find articles, podcasts, and more to help you focus on spirituality
  • Learn more about different categories, such as healing, growing, and connecting
  • Read blog posts about tips and tricks to live a balanced life