Financial Planning

Learn about how to make the most out of your college investment!

The topics below will help you: 

  • Locate important financial resources 
  • Create budgeting strategies 
  • Plan ahead for the costs of college 
  • Learn about financial aid options 

How to create a budget

video from money smart lakers

Financial constraints can be a significant burden on you as a student. Creating a spending plan is a beneficial strategy to help you navigate the costs of college! MoneySmart Lakers is a great resource for students! 

Money Smart Lakers

Other Costs to Consider

Internships: Are there costs associated with participating in an off-site internship? Do they cover housing, food?

Study AbroadThe Padnos International Center is a great resource for determining these costs. 

Social: How much will you spend going out with friends?

Additional Financial Resources

How to Prepare for Hidden Costs

Navigate through the various resources to help you prepare for hidden costs!

Books and Classroom Supplies: Don't be afraid to talk with your professors about required books. They may be able to find resources to help you access the materials needed for their course. 

Food and Clothing: GVSU has a foodbank called Replenish for students, and a place to apply for hardship support

Technology Needs: Talk with the professor or department if you are in need of accessing technology or apply for financial assistance to be applied to technology needs

Transportation: Calculate the cost of gas for commuting using this calculator. Also, know that GVSU has great programs available for public transportation.

Healthcare Costs: Check out these student health insurance options offered by GVSU. 

Other costs: Learn about other costs and financial aid details. 

Page last modified August 19, 2021