Basic Blackboard Competencies


For faculty planning to teach online and hybrid courses, a competency requirement must be met. In addition to the expanded the menu of training options available, faculty are encouraged to gain familiarity with the functions of our learning management system, Blackboard. A basic list of features and competencies is provided below. Each faculty has a Your Practice Test Course in Blackboard so that you can experiment outside of your actual course sites. 

For handouts and tutorials, visit the Blackboard Faculty Help pages. For further assistance, contact [email protected].  


Suggested basic Blackboard competencies

  1. Post announcements
  2. Add new content areas to the course menu
  3. Create folders to organize course content
  4. Add content items such as external web link, image, YouTube video, Panopto video
  5. Create assignments where students submit a document as an attachment; link to the assignment within a course folder 
  6. Create a discussion board forum and post threads 
  7. Create columns in the Grade Center 
  8. Make the course available to students

Page last modified April 7, 2020