Smart Data Frequently Asked Questions

Please note, Smart Data is no longer used for reconciling your PCard statements or reallocating transactions to different FOAPs. You can still log into Smart Data to view transactions prior to 7/1/21. Please visit the Concur Training Website for more information about Concur.

Smart Data can be accessed at    Note that there is no www at the beginning of the address.
You can type sdg2 in the address field and it will automatically add the http:// 

If you have not logged in for an extended period of time, Smart Data temporarily inactivates your login. Contact Procurement Services (x12257 or x13211  or x3058 or x12257) to re-activate it.

If you forgot your password, contact Procurement Services. They will have Mastercard immediately e-mail you a new temporary password.  Login with the temporary password and you will be prompted to create a new password.  Avoid leaving spaces before or after the password when entering it. 

We do not recommend using the "Forgot Password" function on the Smart Data login screen.  If you do not answer the security question that you originally provided an answer to, it will not send you a temporary password. 

For Smart Data Account Group Manager Access:
Procurement Services (x13211) must set up your login. You will receive two e-mails from Mastercard with your User ID and a temporary password. 
Login with the temporary password and you will be prompted to create a new password.

For Smart Data Cardholder Access:
Follow the initial login instructions on page 1 of the Cardholder Access User Guide. You will create your own User ID and password.
If your card is closed and reissued, you will need to re-do initial login for the new card. If you want to use the same User ID, Procurement Services will need to delete your User ID from the system first. 

Contact Procurement Services at x12257 or x13211  or x3058 or x12257. 

No. Initial login to Smart Data is not required in order for the cards to work.

Likewise, a person with Smart Data Account Group Manager access can view and reallocate all the cards in their account group regardless of whether those cardholders have logged in to Smart Data. 

The latest version of Firefox or Internet Explorer

You have three business days after the end of the billing period (until midnight of the third business day) to complete reallocations.  National holidays do not count as a business day.  Each billing period ends after the last business day of the calendar month.

You do not need to wait until the end of the billing period to reallocate; you can reallocate as soon as a transaction appears in Smart Data.


  • Only one card that they oversee and have viewing rights to see in Smart Data
  • Can FOAP reallocate for that card only
  • Can run statements and reports for that card only
  • Monthly statements are automatically generated
  • Cannot uncheck the Reviewed  checkbox on the Transaction Summary screen after it has been saved
  • Does not have access to closed card in Smart Data after access to replacement card has been set up.

Account Group Manager (AGM)

  • Oversees multiple cards or other person’s card(s)
    • Has Smart Data viewing rights to those cards
  • A person does not necessarily need to be a cardholder themselves in order to be an Account Group Manager access user.
  • Can FOAP reallocate for any of the cards in the Account Group

Yes. A card can be in multiple Account Group Manager account groups at the same time. For example, if you have a person who backs you up when you are on vacation, the backup can have an Account Group with the same cards in your Account Group.

New or replacement cards are added to your Account Group before we send you the card. But contact Procurement Services if if any cards are missing.
Closed cards are left in your Account Group in case you need to access past transactions but we can remove closed cards upon request. 

Monthly statements are scheduled to automatically run every month on the second business day of the new month for Smart Data users -- both for Cardholder access and Account Group Manager access. Once initial login to Smart Data is done, your statements should be automatically generated for you each month and you can download them from Smart Data . Smart Data users should receive an email each month (on the second business day of the month) stating your statement is ready.  Statements can be downloaded from the Smart Data Home Page under the Reports and Data Files section OR from the Reports Dashboard screen under the Completed tab. 

The statement will be a PDF that can be printed or saved.

You can also run statements yourself anytime on demand. See Smart Data user guides for instructions

Yes. An Account Group Manager can print out the statements for all the cards in their Account Group in one print job batch (page separated by card), or can print the statement by individual card. See the Account Group Manager Guide (PDF) for how to schedule the reports, or watch the video tutorial.

Yes. [email protected] is the email address from Smart Data that notifies you that your scheduled monthly statement or other report is ready. When you click on the link it will take you to Smart Data login web page. After logging in, there is an option at the bottom of the screen to opt out of e-mail notices for scheduled reports. But you probably will want to get the notices – especially to remind you monthly statements are ready.

Each card has a default FOP and a default account code tied to it; transactions on that card will automatically be charged to that default FOP and account code unless reallocated using Smart Data, the online management & reporting tool for the purchasing card.

Smart Data users can be set up to reallocate card transactions to a different FOP or account code using Smart Data. Generally the FOPs that a reallocator can view in Banner are the same FOPs that he or she will have as options to reallocate to in Smart Data. All expense account codes will be available as options.

The reallocator logs in to Smart Data and clicks on the transaction he wants to reallocate, then chooses the desired FOP and account code from drop down menus and clicks Save. Reallocators have three business days after the end of the monthly billing period to complete their reallocations (until midnight of the third business day). Reallocators do not need to wait until the end of the month to reallocate; they can reallocate throughout the billing period as transactions post in Smart Data.

You can view videos tutorials on how reallocation and splitting charge to multiple FOPs on the Purchasing Card Guides page.

Most of the time, Smart Data reports take one to two minutes to run although occasionally there are delays which can be up to 20 minutes .

If you are running a Smart Data report with a custom date range, for the end date be sure to enter yesterday's date and not today's date.  If you enter today's date, the report will not run until today is over -- 1:00 am. 

Likewise, if you are running a Smart Data report for the current billing period, the report will not run until the billing period has ended.  If you want the report to run right now, do the following:

In Step 4 [Frequency] of the run report process, click the Once circle button.  Then choose your start and end dates.  FOR THE END DATE, BE SURE TO ENTER YESTERDAY'S DATE AND NOT TODAY'S DATE.  IF YOU ENTER TODAY'S DATE, THE REPORT WILL NOT RUN UNTIL TODAY IS OVER -- 1:00 AM.  

Page last modified October 8, 2021