Please note, this page is intended to assist GVSU Faculty and Staff with arranging travel. If you are looking for information regarding T&E Reimbursement, please click here.


Driving Vehicles & Car Rental

Check out the new Driver Approval, Vehicle Usage & Car Rental Procedures web page. A collaboration of GVSU Public Safety, Risk Management, Facilities Services, and Procurement Services. Learn more about: 

  • The approval process for GVSU Student Drivers and Third Party Drivers
  • Procedures for renting a vehicle from the GVSU Motor Pool or from Enterprise Car Rental
  • Enterprise Car Rental FAQs
  • GVSU Insurance Protocols

Motor Coach and Charter Bus Services

When you are looking to hire a motor coach or charter bus service, please check this website to make sure all liability and insurance procedures are followed. There is a possibility for significant liabilities to GVSU, so it is very important that faculty and staff follow the guidelines on this page. If you have any questions, please contact Kip Smalligan (616/331-3211 [email protected]).

Page last modified July 19, 2023