Cardholder Information

Credit Card

Instructions for Cardholders

The individual Cardholder and/or delegated Responsible Person for a Department/Nameless card will be responsible for:

  • Following all University purchasing policies
  • Reconciling each transaction in Workday by the end of the month. Charges that post to your account after the last day of the month can be put on next month's expense report.
  • Obtaining a receipt for each transaction
    • All receipts must be itemized
    • If a receipt is missing and cannot be obtained after the transaction, a Missing Receipt Form must be filled out and attached to the transaction in Workday
  • Documenting a valid business purpose in Workday
  • Using a Sign In/Out Log for Department/Nameless cards 
  • Reporting any fraud to Fifth Third
Tax Exemption

When placing an order, please remind the merchant that GVSU is tax exempt and that an itemized receipt is required. Please submit a Missing Receipt Form with the transaction in Workday if you are not able to obtain an itemized receipt.


Please retain itemized receipts for all transactions made with your GVSU issued p-card. Make sure to complete a Missing Receipt Form and attach it to the transaction in Workday if you are not able to obtain an itemized receipt for an expenditure. While this form does not excuse the violation, it does provide necessary documentation of the transaction for our auditors.


the GVSU Purchasing Card Policy prohibits gift cards and gift certificates from being purchased with a GVSU issued p-card. Failure to act in accordance with this policy may result in the loss of your card privileges.

Cardholder Training

Training is required for all new cardholders. 

Fifth Third Commercial Card Portal

We are excited to announce that you now have access your corporate card account information quickly and easily online through Fifth Third’s Commercial Cardholder Portal,

Convenient real time information provided in the site includes:


  • View:
    • Credit Limit
    • Current/Available Balance
    • Pending Transaction Balance
    • Posted Transaction Details
    • Declined Transaction Details
  • Activate Card
  • Suspend Card
  • Update Address/Phone (optional)
  • Change PIN

Search Transactions

  • Search by:
    • Date Range
    • Amount Range
    • Description
    • Merchant Category


  • Make payments to individual accounts


  • Subscribe to Alerts & Notifications
  • Update User ID/Password
  • Delegate Access


  • View individual cardholder statements

P-Card Audits

To ensure the continued success of the Credit Card Program at GVSU, internal audits are required of all cardholder’s accounts to ensure that items purchased follow University policies and procedures.

Audit Procedure:

  1. Audit requests will come from [email protected]. Audit requests can be for a month, a period of months, or just a few transactions.
  2. Respond directly to [email protected] within 3 days with requested information and documentation.
  3. Procurement Services will review the requested documentation and send a findings email to the cardholder and supervisor (if necessary)

For questions relating to Credit Card audits, please contact [email protected]. For questions about temporary or permanent lifts on spending limits and/or MCC blocks, please contact [email protected].

GVSU P-Cards: Top 3 Things to Avoid

GVSU P-Cards: Top 3 Things to Avoid

Procurement Services is excited to share a new video about the most common credit card audit violations and how to avoid them! 

Please note: the signature requirement on monthly statements is now fulfilled electronically in Workday

Credit Card Program Administrators




Tonya Valencia 

(616) 331-2257

[email protected]

Kip Smalligan (Backup)

(616) 331-3211

[email protected]

Purchasing Card Admin

(616) 331-2280

[email protected]

Page last modified February 26, 2024