Cardholder Information


The individual Cardholder and/or delegated Responsible Person for a Department/Nameless card will be responsible for:

  • Retaining physical, original receipts for each transaction
    • All receipts must show itemization for all items purchased
    • When itemization is not available, the cardholder is responsible for listing all items purchased
    • Electronic receipts must be printed 
    • If a receipt is missing, cardholders must complete a Missing Receipt form and include it with the monthly statement
  • Recording a valid business purpose for each transaction
  • Use a Sign in/out Log for Department/Nameless cards

Tax Exemption

When placing an order, please remind the merchant that GVSU is tax exempt and that an itemized receipt is required. Please fill out a Missing Receipt Form if you are not able to obtain an itemized receipt.

FOAP Reallocation

Reallocation of funds in Smart Data must be completed no later than the third business day following the end of the billing cycle. 


Please retain itemized receipts for all transactions made with your GVSU issued p-card. Make sure to complete a Missing Receipt Form if you are not able to obtain an itemized receipt for an expenditure. While this form does not excuse the violation, it does provide necessary documentation of the transaction for our auditors. Cardholder and Supervisor are required to review, sign and date the monthly statement.


At the end of each billing cycle, all receipts pertaining to that statement should be attached to that statement with the corresponding business purposes and stored for a period of seven fiscal years (through the end of the current fiscal year that statement was created plus six additional full fiscal years) in accordance with current IRS retention policies and regulations. Statement packets can be stored physically in a filing cabinet or electronically in OnBase.


the GVSU Purchasing Card Policy prohibits gift cards and gift certificates from being purchased with a GVSU issued p-card. Failure to act in accordance with this policy may result in the loss of your card privileges.


P-Card Statement Scanning Now Available!

Procurement Services is now offering a sustainable and efficient alternative method for storing your monthly purchasing card statements, receipts and other documentation. If you currently store these documents in a filing cabinet and are looking for an easier way to maintain your files, look no further!

As a GVSU Purchasing Cardholder, you now have the option to store your p-card information in OnBase. This allows you to:

  • Spend less time filing and re-filing documents
  • Free up your valuable storage space
  • Be environmentally conscious
  • Retrieve your documents faster
  • Comply with IRS retention requirements

Best of all, when you store your documents in OnBase, you will no longer receive audit request emails! Procurement Services will locate your documents in OnBase, perform the audit, and send you a follow up email. No more searching for the correct documents, sending them via intercampus mail, waiting for them to be returned, and then re-filing those documents.

Is this secure?

Yes! The Business and Finance Office uses OnBase to store many sensitive documents and it is a trusted program for maintaining those files. Your statements will only be viewable by other members in your department and Procurement Services.

How do I take advantage of this opportunity?

After reconciling your statements, receipts, and business purposes each month, send the entire statement packet via email to or intercampus mail to: 2015 JHZ, Attn: PCard Administrator. A Purchasing Card Program Administrator will upload your documents into OnBase for you and send you a confirmation email.

How do I view my documents after they have been uploaded into OnBase?

The first time you send your documentation to Procurement Services, you will receive a step-by-step guide on how to retrieve and view your documents in OnBase. You can also request an electronic copy from at any time!

Procurement Services is always striving to provide the best customer service to our campus community. We believe this solution will not only make the auditing process smoother and more efficient, but will also save you valuable time and effort during your busy schedule. If you have any questions, please contact us at (616) 331-2280 or

P-Card Audits

To ensure the continued success of the Purchasing Card Program at GVSU, internal audits are required of all cardholder’s accounts to ensure that items purchased follow University policies and procedures.

Audit Procedure:

  1. The Business and Finance Office will email you with the audit request. This could be a for a month, a period of months, or just a few transactions
  2. Statements, receipts and business purposes must be sent via intercampus mail according to the directions in the email
  3. Procurement Services will review the requested documentation and send a findings email to the cardholder and supervisor (if necessary)
  4. The documentation will be returned to the cardholder via intercampus mail once the audit is complete

GVSU P-Cards: Top 3 Things to Avoid

Procurement Services is excited to share a new video about the most common p-card audit violations and how to avoid them! This video was scripted and produced by GVSU’s own Promotions Office. Please take a moment to watch the video and let us know what you think, we hope you enjoy it!

Purchasing Card Program Administrators




Kip Smalligan

(616) 331-3211

Aaron Caccamo

(616) 331-3436

Heather White

(616) 331-3058

Tonya Valencia (Auditing)

(616) 331-2257

Purchasing Card Admin

(616) 331-2280