Cardholder Information

Expense reports must be submitted and approved by Supervisors by 12/6 IN CONCUR in order to be paid in 2023.  After 12/6 any previous expense will not be able to be reconciled in Concur or transferred to Workday.  Charges not reconciled and approved by 12/6 will be charged against their Division’s Reserve. 

P-card transactions/expenses after 12/6 should be for emergency use only to minimize the number of expense reports being held/submitted in Workday after go-live.  Please plan ahead.  Any new transactions/expenses after 12/6 will be held and submitted IN WORKDAY after go-live.

Credit Card

Instructions for Cardholders

The individual Cardholder and/or delegated Responsible Person for a Department/Nameless card will be responsible for:

  • Following all University purchasing policies
  • Reconciling each transaction in Concur by the end of the month. Charges that post to your account after the last day of the month can be put on next month's expense report.
  • Obtaining a receipt for each transaction
    • All receipts must be itemized
    • If a receipt is missing and cannot be obtained after the transaction, a Missing Receipt Affidavit must be submitted in Concur
  • Documenting a valid business purpose in Concur
  • Using a Sign In/Out Log for Department/Nameless cards 
  • Reporting any fraud to Fifth Third
Tax Exemption

When placing an order, please remind the merchant that GVSU is tax exempt and that an itemized receipt is required. Please submit a Missing Receipt Affidavit in Concur with the expense if you are not able to obtain an itemized receipt.


Please retain itemized receipts for all transactions made with your GVSU issued p-card. Make sure to complete a Missing Receipt Affidavit  in Concur if you are not able to obtain an itemized receipt for an expenditure. While this form does not excuse the violation, it does provide necessary documentation of the transaction for our auditors.


the GVSU Purchasing Card Policy prohibits gift cards and gift certificates from being purchased with a GVSU issued p-card. Failure to act in accordance with this policy may result in the loss of your card privileges.

Fifth Third Commercial Card Portal

We are excited to announce that you now have access your corporate card account information quickly and easily online through Fifth Third’s Commercial Cardholder Portal,

Convenient real time information provided in the site includes:


  • View:
    • Credit Limit
    • Current/Available Balance
    • Pending Transaction Balance
    • Posted Transaction Details
    • Declined Transaction Details
  • Activate Card
  • Suspend Card
  • Update Address/Phone (optional)
  • Change PIN

Search Transactions

  • Search by:
    • Date Range
    • Amount Range
    • Description
    • Merchant Category


  • Make payments to individual accounts


  • Subscribe to Alerts & Notifications
  • Update User ID/Password
  • Delegate Access


  • View individual cardholder statements

Transitioning to Concur

As of July 1, 2021, all cardholders will manage their PCard transactions in Concur. For more information about Concur as well as training resources, please visit the University Travel website. We have detailed below what specifically will change for cardholders with the transition to Concur.

Travel Expenses

If authorized by your dean or appointing officer to have travel on your purchasing card, you will be able to purchase travel including hotel, car rental, and restaurants.

Airfare can be purchased online via Concur. Airfare will be charged to a separate GVSU credit card on file with Concur but the charge will still appear in your Concur account to add to your Expense Report.

If a “nameless” purchasing card (nameless is a card that has a department or program name on it and not a person’s name) is authorized for travel by your dean or appointing officer, the cardholder who has responsibility for the card can use the card for:

  • Their own business travel
  • Student travel (e.g., a student attending conference)
  • Group travel (e.g., field trip, athletic competition).

The nameless card should not be used for other employee’s individual business travel other than the cardholder’s.

For large group travel, call Concur’s partner travel agency, Corporate Travel Planners (CTP), to assist with booking 844-529-5851 (M-F: 9:00am - 6:00pm ET) After Hours Support 844-529-5851

Travel documentation such as names of meal attendees, business purpose, and Executive Officer approval/reallocation of alcoholic beverage charges will be required.

Standard Spending Limits

The standard per transaction spending limit is being increased from $2,500 to $4,999. We encourage you to utilize your PCard to pay for invoices within your limit. You may have a different limit depending on the authorization from your dean or appointing officer.

Smart Data

For card transactions that post on or after July 1, 2021, Concur will replace Smart Data as the online management tool. Card transactions will be loaded daily to Concur. You will be able to view transactions, upload receipts, reallocate or split FOAPs, and run reports using Concur. Smart Data will still be available to access your past card transaction history.

Monthly Statements

You will no longer need to download a statement every month. The monthly transactions in Concur function as the statement. Your card transactions will be loaded daily to Concur to add to your expense report, upload receipts, reallocate FOAPs, and add business purpose and other documentation. Cardholder signature and secondary approval by the cardholder’s supervisor will be done electronically via Concur.

Cardholders are encouraged to include their monthly card transactions on one Concur expense report that covers the monthly billing period.  But if necessary you can create an expense report  that includes only some of the transactions. For example, you had travel transactions early in the month that included reimbursement requests that you need reimbursed right away.  You could create an expense report now to cover just that travel, and then later create a second expense report for your other card transactions from the monthly billing period. 

Card transactions should be submitted to an expense report within 30 days of the transaction.


No more taping receipts to a sheet of paper for scanning!

You will scan or take a photo of your receipts and supporting documents and upload them to Concur.  You can then dispose of the receipt hard copy. Concur has a mobile app that allows you to upload photos immediately.  If you don’t have the app, you can email receipt photos to Concur at [email protected].

If you are missing a receipt you will no longer complete a Missing Receipt form but will complete
the Missing Receipt Declaration in Concur.

Access to View and Manage Other Cards

Users that need to access and/or manage other cardholder’s card(s) in Concur, can be set up as a “Delegate” user. The cardholder who is being delegated must give permission in Concur to the Delegate user.

Business Purpose

In Concur, there is a specific field that must be used to state the business purpose for each of your card transactions.

Default FOAP

Cards will no longer have a default FOP tied to them. You will assign a FOP to transactions when you create your expense report and you will have the ability to assign the same FOP to multiple transactions.

There will no longer be a default account code for your card. Concur will automatically select an appropriate account code based on the type of merchant as designated by the merchant’s merchant category code. But you will always have the option to reallocate the account code to another if desired.

Note: Account Code 7018 which has been used for “purchasing card purchases” is being changed to “personal reimbursable”. That will be used when there are parts of your business travel that are personal but the personal expense can’t be separated from the business expense and for which you will be reimbursing the University.

FOP Reallocation

You will have access to all FOPs to reallocate.
Reconciliations should be completed within 30 days of the transaction date and must be completed prior to submitting your expense report for approval.

Records Retention

For transactions posted to your card on or after July 1, 2021, cardholders will no longer be responsible for records retention. Records will automatically be created and archived in Onbase document imaging. The user and approver will have Onbase access to view archived records.

Concur Resources

Concur Home Page

Concur Training Website

Please sign up for the following Concur trainings via Zoom via Sprout at

  • Concur Travel: Request Travel, Book Travel and Travel Profile
  • Concur Expense: Expense Reimbursement Forms and Pcard Reconciliation
  • Concur Approvals: Delegates and Approvers
  • General Open Forum: Tips and Tricks and Q&A

P-Card Audits

To ensure the continued success of the Purchasing Card Program at GVSU, internal audits are required of all cardholder’s accounts to ensure that items purchased follow University policies and procedures.

Audit Procedure:

  1. Audit requests will come from [email protected]. Audit requests can be for a month, a period of months, or just a few transactions.
  2. Respond directly to [email protected] within 3 days with requested information and documentation.
  3. Procurement Services will review the requested documentation and send a findings email to the cardholder and supervisor (if necessary)

For questions relating to PCard audits, please contact [email protected]. For questions about temporary or permanent lifts on spending limits and/or MCC blocks, please contact [email protected].

GVSU P-Cards: Top 3 Things to Avoid

GVSU P-Cards: Top 3 Things to Avoid

Procurement Services is excited to share a new video about the most common p-card audit violations and how to avoid them! 

Please note: the signature requirement on monthly statements is now fulfilled electronically in Concur

Purchasing Card Program Administrators




Tonya Valencia 

(616) 331-2257

[email protected]

Kip Smalligan (Backup)

(616) 331-3211

[email protected]

Purchasing Card Admin

(616) 331-2280

[email protected]

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