Expense Card Policies and Procedures

Laptop and Credit Card

Guidelines for Card Use

All new cardholders will be required to attend a training with a Program Administrator. Cardholders who need training will be contacted to schedule a time. Hour-long training sessions are held on Allendale and Pew Campus.

The GVSU Expense Card can be used at any Mastercard merchant.  Each Expense Card transaction must not exceed the card’s per transaction limit (including shipping).  Transactions exceeding the credit limit(s) will be denied at the point of sale. Your limits are determined by your department and Appointing Officer/Dean based on current spending needs.

Split Transactions are strictly prohibited, refer to the Split Transactions Guide for additional information.

If you find a need to have your monthly limit raised, please contact a Program Administrator for further information.

All purchases must be made in compliance with University purchasing policies.  Use of the card for personal purchases is strictly prohibited.

GVSU Credit Card Policy and Procedures

Restricted Purchases

The following items are strictly prohibited from being purchased using a GVSU issued Expense Card. The Expense Card is for business use only - NO personal purchases.

  • Ammunition and Firearms  
  • Animals                                 
  • Automobiles and other road-vehicles (purchase or leased)
  • Business Cards (unauthorized)                   
  • Cash advances, traveler checks, wire transfers, money orders
  • Cell phones, smart phones, PDA pagers, two-way radios
  • Computers, laptops, network-connected devices, local or cloud-based storage.
  • Tablets, peripherals, phones, printers, copiers, and software that consumes/transmits/stores GVSU data.
  • Copier Machines (networked)
  • Employment and temporary staffing services
  • Furniture
  • Gift Cards and Gift Certificates
  • Letterhead stationery and envelopes
  • Motorcoach Charter Bus
  • Services performed by an individual, partnership, or limited liability company

GVSU Credit Card Policy and Procedures

Approved policy and procedures for the use of GVSU issued credit cards. 


All items purchased using a GVSU expense card must be shipped to a Grand Valley State University address. Shipping to a personal or residential address is strictly prohibited.


Only the authorized cardholder should use the expense card. Your card must be used in a responsible manner and used only for those purchases that are in the best interest of the University with a legitimate business purpose.


The GVSU Purchasing Card Policy prohibits gift cards and gift certificates from being purchased with a GVSU expense card. Failure to act in accordance with this policy may result in the loss of your card privileges.

Other Policies That May Affect Expense Card Usage

Other departments at GVSU have policies that may affect your purchases with the expense card. Please make sure to review all policies that apply to your department and expense card usage. If you have any questions, please contact the department responsible for the policy as outlined below.

IT Tech Supply Policy

Computer hardware and software

Catering Policy

Food waiver requirements

University Travel Policy

Updated as of 7/1/21

GSA Per Diem Rates

GVSU adheres to GSA per diem rates

Purchasing Policy

GVSU purchasing policy for all University related purchases

Credit Card Program Administrators




Tonya Valencia

(616) 331-2257

[email protected]

Kip Smalligan (Backup)

(616) 331-3211

[email protected]

Purchasing Card Admin

(616) 331-2280

[email protected]

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